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BIMobject 2023 – Reviewed.

As a marketplace provider hosting 4 million registered users and thousands of building product manufacturers, we’ve got a lot of data in our hands. We want to provide a digest of BIMobject user statistics to guide business priorities for 2024 – and beyond.

BIM(-object) is boomin'!

Every download is a new possibility. In 2023, specifiers, manufacturers, and BIMobject came together to prove that point – despite another year of unrest, we’re seeing BIM represented in legislation, rising adoption, rocketing demand for BIM files, and impressive organic growth:

Users & visitors.


increase in monthly downloading users. 


file downloads.
80% more than in 2022!


Your target audience is open for business.

BIMobject’s brilliant research team reveals a noteworthy trend: 83% of our users intend to specify when downloading from 

But that is not all.. Join us as we rewind the clock and revisit five stellar product updates that have not only transformed the way we meet and collaborate but have also been embraced by our amazing community. 

Visit our knowledge base for an exclusive update on product launches that happened in 2023. 

Promote: Relevant outreach brings real results.

Getting your BIM objects in front of the right target audiences shouldn’t be hard. Our features make it easier for our customers to define audiences and target them through promotional tactics. As for the results? Manufacturers using…

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

get a 74% higher open rate and a 4% higher click rate compared to the industry average. 

Promoted Products

Promoted Products

Brands using product promotions see an average of 83% growth in monthly downloaders and followers over the year. 

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How can you address the demands of the AEC industry in 2024?

AEC professionals are now relying on BIM libraries to source manufacturer-specific objects. Manufacturers seeking early project specification should offer product information as BIM objects, ensuring visibility on platforms like, where AEC decisions are made. 

Are architects embracing digital tools or holding on to traditional methods? Do engineers invest more time finding manufacturers or comparing products?

Get the stats – and more in our e-book series: 

Exciting news:

BIMobject acquires CarbonZero

We are thrilled to share that BIMobject has fully acquired CarbonZero, the force behind Prodikt - a building project tool that will get your climate and technical data in front of various stakeholders of the building process. 

Our focus for the upcoming year: 

  • Empower stakeholders to calculate sustainability and performance using product data
  • Expand Prodikt internationally to reach new markets 
  • Offer support for Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) 

Sounds interesting? 

Big shout-out to our customers

Let's celebrate the success of our top downloaded brands and frequently visited pages:

Top 10 most downloaded brands in 2023

1. Fritz Hansen  
2. AJ Products 
4. Roca 
5. Duravit AG 

6. Icons of Denmark
7. Aluprof 
8. Ideal Standard 
9. Faro Barcelona 
10. Finsa  

Top 40 most visited product pages

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