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7 cases for the business value of BIM

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How BIM works

How BIM improves reach, innovation and sustainability for manufacturers

Did you know that the new Real Madrid football stadium was designed with BIM? Or do you want to know how companies that take advantage of BIM as a strategy for digitalisation, innovation, collaboration and sustainability?

This e-book gives you the cases and real stories behind BIM and how it makes business value for our customers: from manufacturers of furniture, offices and construction equipment to the architects behind the buildings.

The companies featured

Cases and topics included in the book:

  • L35 – designing Santiago Bernabeu Stadium with BIM
  • Electrolux – how BIM drives digitalisation and their sustainability work 
  • Kanlux – using BIM for innovation & gaining competitive advantages 
  • Riwal – Adding value and service to customers with BIM 
  • VELUX – Improving sales and sustainability through BIM 
  • Roca – BIM as a single source of truth
  • Giuseppe Tortato – Product innovation and collaboration with BIM

Get the stories behind BIM

This e-book gives you the unique opportunity to peek behind the curtains of some of the most prolific companies to learn how BIM works in practice. The companies featured come from seven different industry niches with their own sets of pain points and goals. What brings them together?

The staunch belief that BIM enables a better, smarter and greener world.

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