7 cases for the business value of BIM

Get real-life stories on how BIM improves reach, innovation, and sustainability.

BImobject case book

Real-life insights into the benefits of using bim

This e-book gives you the unique opportunity to peek behind the curtains of some of the most prolific companies to learn how BIM works in practice. The companies featured come from seven different industry niches with their own sets of pain points and goals. What brings them together?

The staunch belief that BIM enables a better, smarter, and greener world.

How BIM improves reach, innovation, and sustainability for manufacturers

Did you know that the new Real Madrid football stadium was designed with BIM? Or do you want to know how companies take advantage of BIM as a strategy for digitalization, innovation, collaboration, and sustainability?

This e-book gives you the cases and real stories behind BIM and how it makes business value for our customers: from manufacturers of furniture, offices, and construction equipment to the architects behind the buildings.

A quick glimpse:

We have done more than 50 projects in BIM, and we have BIM teams at our three main offices in Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris. BIM has changed our methodology, how we go about a project from the beginning to the end."
Tristán López-Chicheri
Architect and CEO at L35
An essential aspect of using BIM is the voices of architects and designers. We want to win their business and work with them; they are the driving forces."
Marta Kachniarz
Development and Marketing director at Kanlux
Every time we make changes to an object, we can just upload it to the marketplace and instantly share the information. Working with BIM is easy and saves time.”
Anders Johansen
European Channel Manager at Electrolux.
Creating BIM objects and getting on BIMobject allows us to stay close to professionals and align with their needs. Between 2019 and 2020, we noticed a 51% increase of leads coming from BIMobject."
Cristina Bosch
Digital Communications Manager at Roca
BIMobject gives us the possibility to reach a lot of BIM users in several markets on a single platform, where we could enable our sales organization to customize and translate content and links to their local needs.”
Martin Let Hansen
BIM Manager at VELUX
We noticed that customers prefer our BIM files because they are easy to use and have a lot of options embedded in the design."
Kees van Benschop
international BIM coordinator at Riwal
Accessing a very large library of BIM objects divided both by brand and by category is a significant advantage for members of the project team. We encourage manufacturers to develop their products as BIM objects and make them easily available.”
Giuseppe Tortato
Architect and Founder, Giuseppe Tortato Architetti studio
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