Prodikt & BIMobject:

Creating the leading platform for sustainable building design

Partner up! Meet Prodikt: the digital sustainability platform for building products and projects.

What is Prodikt? 

Prodikt is a sustainability platform for products and projects where architects, designers, property developers, and building entrepreneurs can easily find products that meet their sustainability requirements throughout the whole building process. Users can also do climate calculations of construction and renovation projects, Building Life Cycle Assessments, create logbooks (a way of organizing and saving product information of a construction project) and sustainability analysis.

The platform transforms sustainability from something abstract and complex to something easy, tangible, and an integrated part of the data-based decision-making and construction process. There is no more guessing!

A declaration of climate impact, circularity, and materials

With Prodikt, users can make an impact on the construction and property industry, contribute to creating a circular economy, and safeguard healthy built environments. The platform provides an easy overview of: 

  • the climate impact of individual products and the project as a whole
  • the circularity profile of products and the projects
  • material composition and their health-affecting properties.

With a dynamic product database and building project tool, the platform supports testing and evaluation of various solutions and methods, making it possible to analyze and select the best options for climate-smart buildings.

The platform also has a climate declaration function (Sweden only).

How does it work? 

Prodikt is the place for enlightened product selection, where material suppliers can clearly demonstrate both the technical performance and sustainability profile of their products. The suppliers provide information about climate impact (CO2 footprint per product), circularity, and health-affecting properties. Users can compare sustainability metrics of construction products in a simple way.

The users can find both real products and generic ones on the platform. The generic ones are based on average values from existing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). This makes it possible to analyze solutions early in the building process, even before you have chosen specific products, and later smoothly exchange the generic products for specific ones.

When working with building projects in Prodikt, the users can invite other stakeholders via the Team function, specify a climate budget, and in real-time monitor the design’s climate impact. 

Prodikt – simplifying today for a better tomorrow. 

BIMobject & Prodikt

BIMobject’s global marketplace hosts more than 2,000 building product manufacturers and 4+ million registered users working in architecture, engineering, and construction. 

Prodikt transforms sustainability from something abstract and complex to something that’s easy, tangible, and an integrated part of the data-based decision-making and construction process. There is no more guessing! 

We combine BIMobject’s global marketplace for BIM objects with Prodikt’s cutting-edge software platform. The goal? To build the world’s leading platform for sustainable building design.

“The demand for green buildings is on the rise”

Sustainable design is the future of construction, humanity, and the planet. But how does an architect work with sustainable design? And how can BIM, Prodikt, and BIMobject be of assistance? Get real-life expert insights from Negar Daneshpour, Lead Architect at Tyréns.

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