Why BIM & BIMobject.

We’re not just a BIM portal. We’re not just a product library. We’re not just an inspiration site. We’re all of it – and more.

BIMobject is a global marketplace connecting manufacturers with architects, engineers, and interior designers. By providing a smooth exchange of BIM content, we power stronger industry collaboration as well as smarter, faster, and greener building designs.

Target 4+ million registered users in one place.

BIMobject’s marketplace offers you the ability to reach over 4+ million registered users worldwide – at a fraction of the cost of a trade show.

Want greater brand awareness among architects in Brazil? Engage engineers in Japan? Or influence interior designers in Europe? We have the audiences – and the marketing tools you need to make it happen.

Move from product supplier to collaborative partner.

A building project is not a walk in the park. It involves a lot of people to coordinate, data to collate, and building products to evaluate. That’s why we’ve created a BIM object marketplace where people and products unite.

Did you know that...

BIMobject is the architect’s choice for specific BIM information (USP research).


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of specifiers make sustainability a top priority in designs.


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Smoother specifications.

BIM content makes it easier for designers to create BIM models, analyze performance, and specify building products.

No pdfs. No need to update thousands of product sheets per year. No information frustration on either side of the process. Just a smooth way to share information, communicate and collaborate.

Why is BIM important?

Building information modeling is at the heart of everything we do. And everything we stand for. But we’re not alone in pushing BIM adoption forward.

Cost overruns. Excessive emissions. Unhealthy living conditions. We can’t continue building like this. That’s why governments, clients, developers, architects, engineers, and interior designers are starting to standardize BIM for a financially, ecologically, and socially equitable world.

Succeed with BIMobject's customer success team

Our dedicated team of customer success specialists gives you the support you need to succeed with BIMobject - from onboarding to continuous reviews and advice. We offer support in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, and German.


Why professionals choose us.

Creating BIM objects and getting on BIMobject allows us to stay close to professionals and align with their needs.”
Cristina Bosch
Digital Communications Manager at Roca
The information contained within BIM objects allows us to work smoothly and integrate them directly into the project specification.”
Thomas Van Havre
Architect at Cushman & Wakefield Design + Build
After we went on bimobject.com, we realized the interest and demand for BIM objects is huge – much bigger than we ever would have expected."
Anders Johansen
European Channel Manager at Electrolux.
Having a huge marketplace like BIMobject at your disposal enables you to save a lot of time and manage all projects precisely. Also, it's great for both brand and product exploration."
Chiara Marzi
Architect at Gate Architects
The wide range of products available on bimobject.com allows for a speedy advancement of modeling and the actualization of a model that contains design specifications.”
Matteo Gianninoto
BIM coordinator and MEP coordinator at Gianni Benvenuto S.p.A.
We won a great deal because we had BIM objects and the competitors did not. BIM will only become more and more popular among our clients and partners.”
Marta Kachniarz
Development and Marketing director at Kanlux
I have seen plans that we had no prior knowledge of created by engineers who obviously downloaded our REVIT® content from BIMobject. In these instances, we did no leg work to get specified in those job specs.”
Dan Schindler
Market Development Manager at Roberts Gordon
The main value offered by the BIMobject marketplace is the wealth of BIM objects and their level of detail. It makes it easy to quickly design a space in order to have a clear idea of the final impact and produce attractive images for clients."
Eva Merenda
BIM Coordinator for the Construction industry Alpina S.p.A.
Thanks to BIMobject, we can reach more architects and interior designers who look for inspiration, technical or practical product information, and objects for their designs."
Elena Broncano
Architect and International Specifications Manager at Bandalux
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