Manufacturing the digital marketing mix

2 surveys, 4,793 respondents, endless insights: This is your go-to marketing guide on how to center on – and resonate with – specifiers today.

Digital marketing for manufacturing companies: the why-do and how-do.

Want to reach architects, engineers, or construction professionals? Improve your brand presence? Generate more leads and create a KPI slamdunk?

This e-book dives into which channels, messaging, and distribution tactics you should adopt to satisfy digital-first specifiers and propel your marketing activities online.

But it’s not haphazard guesswork; the tips are all based on insights from not one – but two – surveys on 4,793 professionals in architecture, engineering, and design. Don’t miss out 👉


Specifier behaviors in 2022

A stellar marketing mix should target your target audience's habits, preferences, and behaviors. That's why we, back in 2020, asked 2,568 professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction using bimobject.com how they dealt with the COVID-induced digital adoption.

We followed up on the original survey to bring you 2022 numbers on specifier demands, research behaviors, and pain points. Get a snapshot of the results in this infographic:

What this e-book on manufacturer marketing offers you.

After turning the pages of this digital e-book, you'll get a firmer grasp of:

  • If the COVID-induced digital attitudes have carried through to 2022.
  • How architecture, engineering, and construction professionals discover new products.
  • Where they spend most of their time.
  • If trade shows are making a return – and how.
  • Where to focus your resources: paid, owned, earned, and anything in-between.
  • What BIM is and why it's a factor you can't afford to ignore in your marketing efforts.

And much more! Want the answers to the bullets?

Why is it important to market building products?

You might be asking the question if you're new to manufacturing. Maybe you've worked in the industry for years and have found yourself in a marketing position. Or you might just want a little refresher.

Marketing building products is not a walk in the park. Neither is digitalization. But the thing is: the building industry as a whole is slowly but surely moving in the digital direction. Are you prepared for it? If iffy, you should...

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