What is BIM?

The digital standard of the construction industry

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is no longer a trend, it has become the digital standard of building design and construction. In this overview, we dive into the concept of BIM, and shed light on its significance for building product manufacturers.

Building information modeling (BIM) is a method for building smarter, faster, greener

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become the go-to method for working digitally in construction, bringing a fresh wave of innovation to the industry. It is a collaborative process that involves creating and managing 3D models of buildings or infrastructure. It extends beyond visual representation by integrating details about a project's physical and functional aspects, supporting the entire building lifecycle.

Simplified, BIM helps people who build and take care of buildings understand everything about them, from how they look to how they work.

What is a BIM object

BIM objects are digital counterparts of physical products, and serve as the vital connection between AECs and manufacturers, providing a streamlined pathway for exchanging product information.

During the 3D modeling of a projects' design, the architects need access to relevant “building blocks” to visualize and test their options.

Providing BIM objects easily accessible, at the right moment, at the right place, is crucial for building product manufacturers who wish to be considered in these early design decisions.

Past the tipping point

As the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs projects, we’ll build 230 billion square meters in new construction by 2060. That’s equivalent to one Paris every week, one New York City every 34 days, or roughly one Tokyo each quarter.

BIM challenges outdated procedures and helps address the demand for new construction. Digitalization is the only way to manage the increasing level of complexity in building projects, which is why BIM is now used by a majority of architects in the developed world. 

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BIM means business for building product manufacturers

We are on a mission to digitalize construction and build a sustainable future and BIM is the bridge that will take us there.

For Building product manufacturers, BIM offers unmissable business opportunities, and a sure way to stay relevant to your target group. 

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