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How to develop BIM content to get products specified

Get intel on BIM software systems, standards, categories, and what product data you need to include to get your BIM objects downloaded – and used.

Get familiar with BIM objects.

Want to invest in BIM content but not sure what software systems to focus on or what information to provide? This quick guide on BIM content development gives you the run-down on:

  • Standards and BIM systems: The must-know information to guide your BIM content investment.
  • Product data: What information should your BIM objects include?
  • Standalone to specialty: What category do your products fall into?
  • Tips and tricks from a BIM expert.
  • Outsourcing BIM content development: The BIMobject process.
The critical aspect of a BIM object is that it includes the product’s information, materials, and textures. Designing every last bolt or including all product features will create a file that’s too large or contains information the designers don’t need. We have to think about what is most useful for the user.”
Marta Gutiérrez
Marta Gutiérrez
Architect & BIM Consultant, BIMobject.

BIM content: Why should I prioritize it?

Building Information Modeling is moving from a nice-to-have to a hygiene factor in construction. But how can you, as a manufacturer, get your products included in a BIM project? By supplying BIM objects: information-rich digital replicas of building products.


BIM files can be the maker of deals or the breaker of models. Want your products downloaded, used and specified? In that case: you need to ensure they contain the right data, can be used for the right systems, and are according to standards.

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