Why sustainability is key to getting specified

Sustainability in the building industry is moving from an option to a must. 

BIMobject environmental sustainability

The green insights every manufacturer needs

Want to meet architect demands, target market trends, and win more deals? This fresh report explores pressing topics such as:

  • How the digital transformation and sustainable shift impacts business in construction
  • The demand for building products: material availability, and environmental product declarations
  • Clashes caused by rising temperatures, an uptick in urban population, and a booming building stock
  • Why BIM contributes to smoother specification processes, better buildings, and less waste.

Go green, get specified.

Sustainability in the building industry is moving from an option to a must. The market craves cleaner buildings, and some investors demand them. Governments are enforcing climate regulations. And we’re seeing an upward trend in architects basing their product selection on manufacturers who can facilitate smarter and greener designs.

But how can you meet the demand for sustainability to build a brighter (business) future? Get the answer– and much more – in this FREE report.

Manufacturers can’t afford to ignore sustainability

Architects, engineers, contractors, and owners/operators rate the importance of designing something sustainable at a solid 7.6/10.

To top it off, environmental product information is the 4th most important factor for product selection.

Want to know more and dive into the stats?

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