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Who is in the BIMobject audience?

On BIMobject, you will reach users who are professionals in construction, such as architects, designers, engineers, and BIM managers with a wide range of experience and focus areas. Some are just starting out; some are senior partners at their firms. 

Their place of work ranges from small local companies to some of the world's largest engineering and architecture firms. Each of these users has targets and goals for the projects that they work on. 

What are they looking for?

When architects and engineers come to BIMobject, they initially come to look for BIM content. Many share the content they download and use with their colleagues through team BIM libraries. 

But it doesn’t stop there. 

A large share of our users also come to get inspired and to understand available product characteristics. How products look, feel, perform, and how they are installed and maintained.

They want to know a lot to recommend your products to their clients and influence their choices.

Your target audience on BIMobject

Users who follow your brand or download your BIM content become part of your audience so you can promote your products and brand further.  

We have made it easy for you to define the key target audience you focus on by creating segments. From these segments, you can reach your followers in a personal but scalable way with our promotional tools. Your segments also help you identify areas where you want to grow and take action where it matters most.

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