Improve your reach and (re)target your audiences.

Become top of mind

Do you have a new product that you want to get in front of your audience? Or do you have a popular product that you want to introduce to a new market? Promoted products make it easy to grow your reach and audience faster.

Place your products at the top of relevant search results on Choose your products and decide your campaign's region, category, and duration. Then watch the results grow.

Relevant campaigns

Relevance and timing are essential components for successful marketing. Our Email Campaign tool makes it easy to target specific segments within your audience.

Build lasting relationships with specifiers by sending targeted emails straight to their inboxes. Craft stories that matter and have an impact on their decisions.

Match your local teams

Match local sales and support contacts with specific regions on brand and product pages.

Architects and engineers from the region browsing and interacting with your product pages can ask their questions directly to your team's inbox.

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