Enabling marketers with data insights: utilizing analytics with BIMobject.

Navigating the wide range of marketing and analytics options available can be overwhelming. BIMobject addresses this challenge by providing tools that give manufacturers highly qualified results, enabling marketers to understand audience behaviors, campaign effectiveness, and product engagement metrics. Max Parkosidis, Product Manager at BIMobject, explains how our tools can help you make informed decisions and better engage with your target audience. 

Why do professionals come to BIMobject? 

Before we dive into everything about our marketing tools and its analytic capabilities, let's give you a sneak peek at why Architects, Engineers, and Construction professionals (AECs) use our platform. If you are familiar with BIM and the journey a BIM object takes, you might be wondering why they come to BIMobject searching for content. The answer is: BIMobject is as a leading platform for BIM content connecting building product manufacturers with 4+ million AEC professionals looking for products to incorporate into their project workflows. 

For 12+ years, we have been helping manufacturers digitize their product catalogs as BIM content. Our BIM content is continuously being downloaded, integrated into BIM models, and ultimately specified in construction projects. BIMobject enables you to connect with, understand, and influence key decision-makers in the construction industry, ensuring your products are included in projects that drive increased business growth. 

BIMobject statistics show that 83% of our users intend to specify the products they download from our platform. 

BIMobject offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools designed to boost your visibility and strengthen relationships with your active downloaders or capture new ones to bring them into your customer journey.

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Why data analytics and insights matter 

Data analytics refers to the practice of analyzing data to discover trends, patterns, and other information, which could play a crucial role in shaping marketing efforts. 

Data analytics enables you to understand customer preferences and behavior. You can anticipate your target group’s behaviors and identify real-time opportunities by utilizing insights and connecting more closely with your customers.

Data is crucial for validating and refining your marketing strategies. It guarantees your decisions are based on insights rather than assumptions, enabling you to optimize your approach for maximum impact.

Introduction to BIMobject’s Business Suite 

BIMobject’s business suite offers manufacturers a set of tools designed to help you market your products effectively and understand the value derived from the platform. Max elaborates:

‘’Our customers receive a variety of functionalities including marketing tools and analytics capabilities that help them grasp the value their products generate with their target audience.’’  

Exploring BIMobject’s Marketing Tools  

Max highlighted two primary categories of marketing tools available to manufacturers to enhance visibility and communication, ensuring maximum value extraction from our platform.  

Visibility-Boosting Tools:

Product Promotions: The primary goal of visibility-increasing marketing tools is to amplify the presence of manufacturers’ products and collections on the BIMobject platform. When products or collections are promoted, they are strategically prioritized in user searches, resulting in higher search rankings during specific periods. Promoted products garner significantly more attention than those not actively promoted. This directly impacts visibility metrics such as downloads and page visits, boosting user interaction with manufacturers’ content.  

Do you have a new popular product you want to introduce in the market? This feature makes it easy to grow your reach and audience faster. Our feature will allow you to define and target your audience through effective promotional tactics. Brands using promoted products see an average of 83% growth in monthly downloaders and followers. 

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Communication Tools:

The second type of marketing tool BIMobject offers revolves around communication, primarily through Email Campaigns. In the building industry, lead generation and product interest are often signaled by AECs downloading your BIM content. Our email campaign tool enables manufacturers to craft and distribute tailored marketing materials directly to your target audience’s inbox. 

BIMobject’s email campaign tool has a 74% higher open rate and a 4% higher click rate than the industry standard (MailPro, 2023, Email marketing Benchmark available at: https://www.mailpro.com/benchmark/2023/). 

Additionally, the flexibility of BIMobject’s email campaigns allows you to target two distinct audience segments: 

  • Existing audience: Users who have previously interacted with your brand by downloading products or following your updates. 
  • Undiscovered audience: Users who have not yet engaged with your brand, presenting an opportunity to expand awareness and attract new followers. 

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Unique Insights from BIMobject’s marketing metrics 

According to Max, the standout feature of BIMobject’s marketing tools is the direct feedback they offer. "They provide immediate insights into the impact of specific marketing actions, unlike the general platform analytics, which are more long-term and pattern-based," he explains. This immediacy allows marketers to gain unique insights through direct feedback on specific actions, offering a clear understanding of cause and effect. Unlike typical platforms, BIMobject’s marketing tools enable you to target a highly qualified audience of AEC professionals, ensuring that any clicks and opens are high quality in terms of the value derived from the marketing efforts. 

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Overview of BIMobject’s Analytics Capabilities 

BIMobject’s analytics capabilities empower you with insights that will help you strengthen your marketing campaigns. 

BIMobject’s analytics provide broader, long-term insights into market dynamics and product performance. Marketers can understand which products resonate best with specific markets or occupations by analyzing product views, download metrics, and geographical engagement patterns. For instance, you can identify whether a product is popular among landscape architects in the USA. You could then capitalize on this audience preference by tailoring marketing efforts accordingly.

We equip marketers with metrics for benchmarking against other channels. This includes comparing open rates, click-through rates, and impression data, which are essential for assessing campaign visibility and effectiveness. BIMobject offers competitive impression data, demonstrating the platform's capability to generate substantial visibility compared to traditional ad platforms.

Analyze and improve your product performance

At BIMobject, we understand that as a manufacturer, you want to know that your actions impact the results you’re getting from your investment in BIM content. 

That is why our platform features an audience module, which is a dedicated space for exploring your audience. This module allows you to see key performance indicators related to people who are downloading your products or following your brand. You can receive insights on engagement over specific periods and filter data to an individual level to understand engagement within specific regions. The information can be easily exported for individual analysis or team sharing.

Facilitating communication and understanding your target audiences’ needs

With our platform, you can harvest the knowledge of millions of architects, designers, and engineers and hear what the industry says about your BIM content. 

BIMobject provides several communication tools to help manufacturers understand the needs and preferences of the AEC community. By leveraging these tools, users can share feedback directly on our platform. Max emphasizes that besides our email campaign tool, we offer ratings and reviews, which offer insights into architects’ needs and preferences. 

When architects express their positive experiences, it creates a ripple effect that enhances your brand’s image and reputation. By providing informative responses to product reviews, you will demonstrate your expertise, build trust, and reinforce your commitment to customer satisfaction, turning architects and designers into your most influential advocates. 

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Best practices for new users 

For those new to data analytics, Max emphasizes the importance of leveraging BIMobject’s customer success department. Each customer is assigned a dedicated customer success manager who will provide thorough onboarding and personalized guidance on how to use the platform’s marketing tools.

Our platform is designed to be intuitive, especially for those with a marketing background. Understanding and drawing insights from the data may require some initial guidance for beginners, but with the regular use and support of our customer success team, you will quickly become proficient at extracting valuable insights. 

Upcoming developments

Exciting developments are on the horizon at BIMobject. Our team is currently focused on revamping an old solution called "insights." This improved version will be integrated into the same suite as our other tools, striving to improve user experience and provide more valuable data insights. Max adds: 

’The revamped insights tool will offer an overview of your brand's performance, including geographical views, engagement over time, and detailed product and category performance metrics. Additionally, marketing teams will be able to leverage this tool to understand visitor interactions on brand pages, such as viewing manuals, videos, and other marketing materials.’’ 

In a significant development, we have acquired CarbonZero, which operates the Prodikt platform. Prodikt is a tool that architects use to develop their projects and perform advanced sustainability calculations required by law. This will benefit users while providing us with valuable information about ongoing projects and the products chosen for them. Our long-term goal is to merge these platforms to better influence product decisions in projects, a dream we are steadily working towards. 

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