Who are the key players in BIM projects?

A manufacturer’s quick guide to the key stakeholders in Building Information Modeling.

BIM guide for manufacturers

Would you describe yourself as a manufacturer with a finger on the pulse? Then you’ve most likely heard of BIM: Building Information Modeling.

While you might understand that BIM’s importance is accelerating: do you know what it is? Why it matters for manufacturers? Or who’s typically involved in BIM projects? If you’re unsure of questions 1, 2, or 3: this comprehensive, easy guide is right up your alley.

A swift introduction to Building Information Modeling

As a manufacturer, you might be struggling to understand the people moving the moving parts of a BIM process. And you’re probably wondering who to target to get your products specified. This guide lays your confusion to rest. Find out:

  • What BIM is and what it isn’t
  • Why BIM matters to the building industry
  • How manufacturers can become a part of BIM.

Which roles should manufacturers target?

Architect, engineer, interior designer, developer, client, facility manager, quantity surveyor, contractor – ever feel lost in professions? Getting a grasp on BIM is one thing. Understanding who to target is a whole other ball game. This e-book gives you a quick understanding of:

  • Who’s a part of BIM projects
  • What makes clients, architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors, and owners/facilities managers tick
  • How manufacturers can collaborate with them all.

Your fast-track to BIM

At this point, you might be thinking “Uh-oh, is this another piece on BIM that’ll leave me with more questions than answers?”. We sympathize – the internet is filled to the brim with BIM complexities.

But don’t worry: this guide doesn’t include overly technical jargon or nitty-gritty details. Just easily digestible information to get you up to speed and get you speaking the same language as architects, engineers, and contractors.

This is your fast-track guide into the BIM basics.

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