Power tools for building product marketing.

Build loyalty. Win more projects. Make smarter decisions.
This is how.

Publish your products to the world.

By publishing your products on bimobject.com, you make them available to a world of building designers. So when they need product inspiration for their next design, or BIM files for a tender, you're right there.

Our publishing tools make it easy to upload and manage your brand and product information.

Reach & influence designers.

Designers don't want to be sold to - they want to be inspired.

We let you promote your products to reach designers as they are creating the design. Our communication tools lets you interact with and educate interested designers and pass them on to your sales teams, to ensure you win the project.

Understand your market in realtime.

Better data means better decisions. See in realtime where and how your products are being used. Understand how your products perform with designers, spot trends early and find opportunities for growth.

Got BIM?

If your company lacks BIM files, let us help. We have created BIM content for hundreds of manufacturers.

Go digital

Features & functionality.

Brand & Product Pages

Presents your company and your product catalogue and lets designers download BIM files and other product information.

Company Admin

The main admin interface, where you can publish and organise your product catalogs and BIM files. Also used to manage company information and user accounts.

Product Site

An embeddable product gallery, that makes it easy to showcase your bimobject.com product range on your own website or a reseller’s website.


An easy-to-use analytics tool that helps you better understand your market and improve the performance of your products on our platform.


An advanced analytics tool that also provides detailed profiles of building designers that download your products.


A messaging system that lets you communicate with designers directly on the platform.

Promoted Products

An add-on marketing service to boost product downloads, by placing your products at the top of search results in a certain category and market.

Business Matching

A contact widget that lets designers find your local sales representative for a product directly on the bimobject.com product page.

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