Get insights that drive action on product performance, reach, and behavior.

Stay up to date

Get an executive, real-time overview of your brand performance. Catch the overall trend in growth data and plan your next actions to take your brand to the next level.


  • View your current potential reach on BIMobject.
  • Keep track of your audience size.
  • See who is currently browsing your categories.

Analyse and get insights

For digital marketing, data is key to understanding your outcomes. BIMobject brings you a set of tools to help you gain this knowledge.

Understand how each of your products or categories of products perform. Filter your data based on geography, occupation, and much more. See what is being downloaded and where it is popular.

Competitive benchmarking

See how your brand is performing against the competition in your market and spot opportunities to get ahead. 

Maybe you can optimize your product pages further with translations or improved keywords for search? Or, if you want a quick win, you can set up product promotions to promote some of your products.


Get inside knowledge from architects 

Understand the needs and wants of 3+ million professional AEC with our ratings and reviews system.

Architects downloading your file can leave feedback, giving you a great database showing insights into how your BIM object performs when implemented into projects. By analyzing the feedback provided, patterns, and trends, you can deepen your industry knowledge and adapt your strategies accordingly. 

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