Petersen Aluminum

A manufacturer's journey toward digital transformation and marketing success

Petersen Aluminum's use of digitalization goes beyond simply manufacturing metal cladding products. The company has implemented various advanced digital technologies to enhance its operations and improve customer experience. 

The company's adoption of digitalization through BIMobject has brought numerous benefits to the company. By using BIMobject's platform, Petersen has been able to provide their metal cladding products in a digital format that is easily accessible to architects, engineers, and other construction professionals. 

BIM integration: the key to Petersen Aluminum's continous success

Digitalization has become a crucial component of success as the construction industry evolves. For Petersen Aluminum, this means prioritizing the integration of their products into BIM models. According to Rob Heselbarth, the company's Director of communications, this implementation is not only necessary - it's essential. 

The company firmly believes that failing to integrate its products into BIM models means missing out on potential revenue and strong customer relationships. As more customers turn to digital platforms to specify products, Petersen Aluminum recognizes that they must be present and easily accessible in this format. 

For Petersen, the benefits of BIM integration are clear. By providing accurate, up-to-date information about their products in a digital format, they can ensure they are being specified, ultimately leading to more successful construction projects and satisfied customers. As Petersen continues to expand their product portfolio, it recognizes that BIM integration is the key to its continued success in the industry.

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