Webinar with Forbo

Making BIM a part of the marketing mix

Want to know how building information modelling (BIM) can increase brand awareness, product visibility and audience engagement? In that case: don’t miss Forbo’s tips in this BIM marketing webinar.

Watch Forbo’s 17-minute interview

Get to know the BIM marketing benefits

Building information modelling (BIM) is moving from a luxury to a hygiene factor. But how and why should manufacturing companies make BIM a part of their marketing mix? Get tips and inspiration from two online marketers from Forbo’s marketing team.

Webinar host:
Matthew Jackson . Director of Business Development at BIMobject

Webinar guests:
Liselotte Klitsie - Content Specialist, Global Marketing, Forbo
Saskia Boot - Coordinator Online Marketing, Forbo

Interview originally aired at BIMobject’s product launch webinar – Conversations at scale – on 16th of November, 2021. Watch the full product webinar.

Expand your digital marketing with BIMobject

Forbo flooring is a manufacturing company that doesn’t shy away from digital marketing advances. They use a wide range of digital tools to reach architects and interior designers: email, SEO and social media – to name a few. But how does BIMobject fit into the mix? Spend 17 minutes with Forbo to learn:

  • Why BIM meets demands
  • How Forbo works with BIMobject to reach target audiences
  • Why BIM objects are part of Forbo’s marketing and launch strategy
  • Results using BIMobject Emails Campaigns
  • Meeting demands: presenting sustainable data to increase conversations

Still not convinced? Get a quick glimpse of the webinar:

“BIM files have become part of our product launch marketing package”
– Saskia Boot, Coordinator Online Marketing at Forbo
“With BIMobject, we can target different audience groups.”
– Liselotte Klitsie, Content Specialist, Global Marketing at Forbo
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