Coordination is construction's answer to climate

Entrepreneur and impact investor, Hampus Jacobsson, shared his insights on how the construction industry can play a crucial role in addressing the climate crisis during his presentation at BIMobject Live 2020.  

He emphasized the need for greater coordination to achieve more sustainable outcomes. During his speech, he argued that the current fragmented nature of the industry leads to inefficiencies and wasteful practices. 

The importance of collaboration and digital innovation 

Have you ever wondered what the construction industry's carbon footprint looks like? Well, it's responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions! That's a lot of impact on the environment. 

Many construction projects suffer from fragmentation, where stakeholders work in isolation, leading to inefficiencies and waste. Instead, a collaborative approach where everyone shares the same vision and works towards the same goal is the solution. 

Imagine a construction project where everyone works together seamlessly, making informed decisions in real time. With the help of digital processes like BIM, that can become a reality! By sharing data and optimizing decision-making, BIM can make collaboration easier.

By adopting a cooperative strategy that leverages digital technology, it is possible to achieve mutual benefits and lay the groundwork for a future that is more environmentally sustainable. 

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