Building business around sustainability

Not a bookworm? No problem! This bicontinental webinar offers a quick and informative overview of sustainability in Europe and North America. In just 18 minutes, you will gain valuable insights into why going green is a hot topic in the building industry and how climate declarations and legislation reshape manufacturing.

Joining the webinar are two knowledgeable hosts: Jim Conger, Director of Strategic Accounts & Business Development in North America, and Matthew Jackson, Business Development Director for AECO Global Marketing. With their expertise, you can gain a deeper understanding of the current state of sustainability and how businesses are adapting to the changing climate landscapes. 

A glimpse into our sustainability webinar! 

73% of manufacturers in construction say that sustainability is now part of their leadership goals.
Matthew Jackson
Business Development Director, AECO Global Marketing
Sustainability is a hot topic. Interior designers and architects are calculating their CO2 footprint and quantifying their sustainability in all their designs.
Jim Conger
Director of Strategic Accounts & Business Development
One of the biggest trends in BIMobject is choosing sustainability as the top filter for architects to find products.
Matthew Jackson
Business Development Director, AECO Global Marketing

Why manufacturers can't ignore sustainability?

Need more inspiration? Find out why sustainability is a critical factor in getting specified! 

Sustainability is not a passing trend. It's a must, and it can't be ignored. With the market increasingly demanding cleaner buildings and governments enforcing climate regulations, the importance of sustainability is only set to grow. 

Specifiers already base their product selection on manufacturers facilitating smarter and greener designs. But how can manufacturers keep up with the surge in demand? Get the inside scoop in this FREE report. 

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