Navigate your way through 3 of the most-used green certification systems – in less than 30 minutes.

Are you aligned with the green systems?

LEED, BREEAM & LBC are just some of the green rating systems that are becoming all the rage in construction. While it's easy to understand why the same can't necessarily be said about understanding how they work and where your products fit it. Luckily, this e-book provides a smoother path to knowledge by giving you:


  • a glance at the future standards of business in construction;
  • insights on the LEED points and certification system;
  • intel on how the stars align in BREEAM;
  • the demands on design and building materials in LBC;
  • a run-down of how your products fit into LEED, BREEAM & LBC;
  • extra credits when conversing with green specifiers.

The point of LEED

LEED is a globally recognized assessment system designed to deliver triple-bottom-line returns for people, the planet, and profit. A project is analyzed on 6 categories and awarded points that correlate to a LEED level: Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Certified.

BREEAM deals with stars

Founded in 1989, BREEAM is the long-runner out of the bunch. The system is used worldwide and evaluates projects on ten parameters. The scheme uses certification bodies and licensed assessors to rate and award projects 1-6 stars (6= outstanding).

LBC: a positive challenge

LBC is one of the most rigorous standards for the built environment. Apart from achieving the 7 petals, a building needs to operate 12+ and have a proven positive impact on the places, communities, and people to get fully certified.

Understand why LEED, BREEAM, LBC & other systems matter

This introduction to LEED, BREEAM & LBC is a condensed version of our e-book on green building certifications. Apart from the general what-is, the extended e-book also gives you:

  • the top triggers for green building activity around the globe;
  • insights on who’s driving the demand;
  • an architect's take on sustainability and BIM:
  • an understanding of how certifications may impact the future of investments in construction.

And as always – the resource won’t cost you a single pence, penny, cent, centavo, or yen.

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