Webinar: What is BIM?

Get the basics on Building Information Modeling in 20 minutes.

Wondering what BIM is? How it works? Or why manufacturers can – and need to – get involved?

In that case, this 20-minute free webinar is right up your alley. Get the basics on Building Information Modeling from the BIM expert extraordinaire: Matthew Jackson, Director of Business Development.

This BIM webinar dives into what, the why, the how, and the trends driving BIM adoption in the building industry. Don't miss out 👉

What you'll learn from this BIM basics webinar

After watching this 20-minute webinar (+ 10-minute Q&A), you'll get a firmer grasp of:

  • What BIM is – and isn't
  • The evolution of BIM
  • Why BIM: productivity, cost, and sustainability
  • Industry trends: drivers of BIM adoption
  • How BIM works

And much, much more!

Get more on building information modeling:


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