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“BIMobject allows us to present our solution and benefits to engineers working with contractors”

Roberts Gordon has been bolstering their brand and attracting new business opportunities since a strategic alignment with BIMobject began in 2016. During their BIM journey, Roberts Gordon has cultivated new relationships across building projects that span the globe. We sat down with Dan Schindler, Market Development Manager at Roberts Gordon, to take a look at the results they’re experiencing from the BIMobject marketplace.

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Increasing product visibility, accessibility & interest

Roberts Gordon is a manufacturer of infrared heating equipment and an early adopter of Building Information Modeling. The Buffalo-NY-based company used BIMobject to publish only a few products initially, but that went so well that they have since embraced the service. Fast forward to today and they now have the majority of their product line available through BIMobject – making them an easy choice for engineers and building designers.

Roberts Gordon first listed their products with BIMobject in 2016, when the team decided to create Revit content that could be accessed digitally. The move has been a good one, increasing their marketing reach and product interest.

“What we liked about that idea is that any type of designer who was designing a building can just simply go to the search bar and type in Roberts Gordon and download our Revit content without leaving their design session says Dan Schindler, Market Development Manager at Roberts Gordon.


Getting products into specs – without leg work

When engineers need to make an energy-efficient choice in heating systems, they can rely on the data in Roberts Gordon’s BIM objects. Having this information available for quick download syncs with the building industry’s ongoing digital transformation. Roberts Gordon benefits from the ease of access and engineers can make informed choices.

Often, the listing of Roberts Gordon products through BIMobject results in the equipment being specified in building designs, even when selling through representatives. Engineers and designers choose Roberts Gordon items, download their BIM content from BIMobject’s marketplace, and use them in their models.

“I have seen plans that we had no prior knowledge of created by engineers who obviously downloaded our REVIT® content from BIMobject. In these instances, we did no leg work to get specified in those job specs,” Schindler said.“The engineer found our easy-to-use content and applied it, which puts us in a position where we can win that job. It happens regularly, which is fantastic.”

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Helping engineers make informed product decisions

When an engineer is specifying an infrared heating system, they plug BIM objects into their plans and Roberts Gordon receives an immediate notification. The BIMobject interface helps them convey key specs, such as fuel usage and voltage requirements, which allows the engineer or designer to be fully informed about the equipment choice they’re making. From there, the job goes out to bid and contractors connect with a Roberts Gordon representative to get a quote.

Through BIMobject, designers can quickly and easily learn about the Roberts Gordon infrared heating solutions and access the latest information on the system’s benefits. Dan Schindler tells us how this fact enables designers to easily specify energy-efficient, high-comfort heating systems in their designs.

“Many consider infrared heating systems as a niche product. Any commercial or industrial building needs a heating system but can choose from a variety of options. Having our products listed on BIMobject is another platform that allows us to present our solution and benefits to engineers working with contractors.” says Schindler.

Robert Gordon and

BIMobject: a solid business investment

Roberts Gordon remains the pioneer for flexibility, usability, and efficiency in infrared technology. As an established premium manufacturer of high-quality gas-fired, infrared heating equipment, the company’s range of infrared products is in demand for use in commercial, industrial, and residential installations. Listing with BIMobject provides Roberts Gordon a means to increase brand visibility and establish a strong foothold in the digital marketplace

“We continue to invest into BIMobject because we recognize its value to our business,” concludes Dan Schindler, Market Development Manager at Roberts Gordon.

Feeling inspired by Roberts Gordon’s results? In that case, you should set up a quick chat with BIMobject’s experts today!

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