2023: Insights on Rebuild Madrid, BIM World Paris and BAU Munich

The construction industry is all about connections, innovation, and growth, and trade shows are the perfect place to experience all of that! 

After a two-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic BIMobject is back on trade shows. These events have been the cornerstone of the construction industry for decades, providing a vital platform for networking, generating interest, solidifying connections and new business opportunities. 

BIMobject takes on Europe

From Madrid to Munich, BIMobject has been on the move, attending some of the biggest events in the industry. Our team has recently taken on the challenge of participating in Rebuild Madrid, BIM World Paris, and BAU Munich. Attending these tradeshows is an excellent opportunity for BIMobject to show our platform’s capabilities and connect with industry professionals. Our team not only participated to showcase our offerings, but to engage with product manufacturers, specifiers, and build stronger relationships. 

We understand the importance of collaborating with manufacturers to integrate their products into the BIM process. BIMobject surfaces as a groundbreaking solution that connects manufacturers with designers. This link ensures seamless collaboration and an ideal match for both parties. BIMobject offers a platform where brands can display their products, while designers can effortlessly access and incorporate them into their projects. In doing so, BIMobject refines the construction process and amplifies the overall efficiency of the industry's ecosystem. 


Rebuild Madrid 2023

As BIMobject jetted across Europe, our first stop was the Rebuild fair in Madrid. 

The 2023 Rebuild event introduced the slogan "Building Together" to encourage collaboration among different groups in the construction industry. Its main goal was to lay the groundwork for a strong network of cooperation between public and private sectors, companies, professionals, and stakeholders. 

BIMobject was able to showcase the benefits of working with BIM methodology and the specific BIM objects available on our platform.

With over 3 million registered users worldwide and more than 2,000 brands published on the platform, BIMobject is the go-to provider of BIM content for the construction industry. 

BIMobject’s team of experts was in full force, promoting the adoption of BIM methodology and highlighting its numerous benefits for users and manufacturers alike. Our extensive knowledge and experience were on full display as we demonstrated how BIM can transform how buildings are designed, built, and maintained.  

In addition to our presence on the exhibition floor, BIMobject’s Iberia & LATAM Managing Director, Mario Ortega, delivered a thought-provoking presentation titled ‘’Generic BIM objects vs. Manufacturer BIM objects: Who wins the battle?’’ The session was crafted and specifically tailored for architects and engineers already working with BIM methodology and those keen to discover the benefits of this game-changing approach to construction.

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BIM World Paris 2023

Jumping on the BIM train, our second stop was BIM World Paris. BIM World is a cyclical event that takes place annually in Paris. It promotes the digitization of the construction sector. BIM World is not your typical technical fair, as it goes beyond showcasing BIM technology. The event offers a unique blend of thematic conferences that explore the pressing issues of sustainable architecture and low-emission solutions in modern construction. 

Attendees were inspired by the diverse range of presentations that explored innovative approaches to building design and construction with a focus on sustainability.

Ricardo Piazzai emphasizes on the importance of understanding the need for sustainable design and collaborating with manufacturers who share the same vision for sustainable construction. 

BIMobject's presence at BIM World Paris was a success, with over 10,000 attendees from 49 countries. The event featured 300 exhibitors and offered 160 workshops and conferences. It was an exciting opportunity for industry experts and thought leaders to exchange knowledge and explore the latest happenings.

Our participation served as a unique opportunity to showcase our unparalleled expertise in BIM content. Our primary objective was to establish a strong foothold in the French market, given that the event attracts mainly French visitors, exhibitors, and industry professionals. By participating in the event, we demonstrated our commitment to excellence and forged new collaborations with key players in the French market.

BIM World Paris allowed us to strengthen our relationships with existing customers and get to know them in person, which is crucial for us as we strive to improve our platform to meet their evolving needs continuously. 

Throughout the event, we observed a positive trend in the increasing awareness and adoption of BIM methodology. It was gratifying to note that visitors to our booth were no longer asking fundamental questions such as "What is BIM.” Instead, it was architects and product manufacturers with a deep interest in our platform and its capabilities. This shift in attitude underscores the growing recognition of the benefits that BIM can bring to the table. 

BIMobject allowed attendees to explore the benefits of creating BIM content which in turn enhances their visibility and likelihood of getting specified in their projects. 

By developing BIM content, manufacturers can gain a strategic advantage, enhance their product offering, and better meet the needs of their customers. Staying informed on the latest BIM requirements is crucial for manufacturers who wish to remain competitive in the market.

Our participation in BIM World Paris was a great success. We are proud to have been a part of the world’s biggest BIM-hub alongside the most well-known companies in the industry.


BAU Munich 2023

Our BIM-tour ended in the city of Munich. We arrived at BAU, the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials, and systems. With over 250,000 visitors from 160 countries, this event provided an excellent platform for BIMobject to connect with a diverse range of industry professionals from around the globe. 

BAU offers a unique platform for international networking. The fair extends over several halls with a large number of product groups such as building materials, windows, doors, facades, insulating materials, heating and ventilation systems as well as sanitary and electrical engineering are exhibited. 

Top manufacturers came together at BAU to showcase their latest offerings in both commercial and residential construction, including interior work for new buildings, renovations, and modernizations. By presenting forward-thinking perspectives, exhibitors inspire and equip attendees to apply new techniques and technologies in real-world situations.

BAU serves as a powerful platform for exchanging ideas in an ever-changing landscape that demands awareness. With its established reputation as a future-oriented communication hub, BAU offers an unparalleled opportunity to do just that. 

The event proved to be an exceptional platform for us to showcase our offerings and foster stronger relationships with manufacturers. BIMobject had the privilege of interacting with more than 70 clients, gaining valuable insights into their respective operational landscapes. This experience enabled us to initiate meaningful conversations and create new avenues for growth and development with stakeholders involved in building projects.  

BIMobject's presence in these events has set the stage for continued success, growth, and expansion in years to come. Rebuild Madrid, BIM World Paris and BAU Munich provided a valuable opportunity for BIMobject to engage with industry peers and gain new perspectives. We are proud to have been a part of the world’s biggest BIM-hubs alongside renowned companies in the industry. 


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