The BIMobject journey:

How FAKRO turned needs into products specified

The construction industry is changing. New technologies, needs, and market demands present new challenges for manufacturers. But how can the trio of BIM, BIM objects, and BIMobject help manufacturers get up to speed and seal more deals? Get insights from Elżbieta Solewska, Marketing and Cooperation Specialist at FAKRO.

Elżbieta Solewska, Marketing and Cooperation Specialist at FAKRO.

Going BIM to keep up with trends and demands

FAKRO is a manufacturer of innovative, safe, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly solutions dedicated to lofts: roof windows, windows for flat roofs, loft ladders, and more. Like many manufacturers around the globe, FAKRO started off from humble beginnings: as a small family business. But things have drastically changed since the company was first founded in Poland in 1991. In fact, the small business has grown to become Poland's largest manufacturer of roof windows and one of the global leaders within the product category. 

FAKRO attributes much of its success to its forward-thinking focus and innovative company spirit. So when companies, architects, and even governments started to crave BIM, FAKRO didn't want to get left behind. Instead, the window manufacturer became a part of the digital revolution by getting on Elżbieta Solewska, Marketing and Cooperation Specialist, explains:

“We noticed an increase in orders placed for BIM projects and questions asked concerning BIM objects for the products we offer. At the same time, we found out that BIMobject’s marketplace was widely used and appreciated by architects.”

Ideation became action. Signed, sealed, and FAKRO's objects delivered to BIMobject’s marketplace. And a big win was just around the corner:

Making FAKRO’s BIM objects part of the Belgian Superior Audiovisual Council

Strolling through the historical center of Brussels, it's impossible not to admire the aesthetics of the buildings you pass over and over again. The nation’s cultural heritage, paired with the capital’s status as a political melting pot, elevates the requirements for both new structures and the renovation of existing ones.

FAKRO's involvement in a high-profile building in Brussels is no exception to this rule. We're talking about the quarters of the Superior Audiovisual Council (SAC) in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Today, the building is known for its bold and visionary architecture. But it couldn’t have been built without building components that secure a safe, healthy and productive environment. Providing natural daylight is an important factor in the well-being equation, so FAKRO's roof windows were specified, purchased, and installed in the building.

Architect Anne Ledroit used FAKRO’s DXF flat roof windows in the building that houses the Superior Audiovisual Council (SAC). These windows are in the top 5 most downloaded files on the BIMobject marketplace,” comments Solewska.

FAKRO DXF flat roof windows installed in building that houses the Superior Audiovisual Council (SAC) in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

BIM objects: saving time for manufacturers and designers

BIM projects need manufacturer-specific BIM objects to populate the model and provide the team with accurate data. While BIM content creation is an investment, FAKRO has already noticed a substantial ROI in terms of time. Elżbieta Solewska elaborates with a real-life example:

“I had a conversation with one of FAKRO’s BIM designers. He described a situation where another designer made B2 / 1 window combinations using two different techniques at a time. Designing with BIM took around three minutes, while the other method took more than 30.”

Manufacturers who develop BIM objects offer a great service to specifiers. We've gone into detail in our e-book on how to navigate the new digital landscape, but basically: it prevents a lot of precious time from being wasted. Rather than having to sift through piles upon piles of PDFs to find performance data, all necessary information is given through the object.

“A BIM object links to external pages containing information such as product descriptions, price lists, and installation instructions. To top it off: it includes the entire technical specification and performance declaration,” adds Solewska.

FAKRO roof windows

How BIM objects prevent cost overruns and waste

BIM saves time and improves collaboration between stakeholders. But the building method facilitates another hard-to-beat benefit: the ability to assess a built asset’s sustainability performance before it’s even built. As we’ve uncovered in our free report on why sustainability is key to getting specified: manufacturers who provide environmental product data gain a significant head start in the specification race. Solewska comments: 

“BIM objects grant easy access to detailed technical documentation as well as external pages on how to install the products correctly. This data can be used at the design phase to prevent errors that would lead to cost overruns and waste.”

Psst! Did you know that architects, engineers, and interior designers on can filter products on sustainability data? Now you do! Our partner Eando can help you get your environmental information in check.

FAKRO windows available as BIM object on bimobject's global markerplace

“BIMobject has a real impact on FAKRO’s development”

FAKRO’s Marketing and Cooperation Specialist has no qualms when it comes to identifying the core benefits of creating a large BIM database and joining the global BIMobject marketplace. She elaborates:

“The popularity of paired with the number of users and manufacturers enables us to become a part of a community that values mutual collaboration and availability of information,” says Solewska and concludes: 

FAKRO is perceived as a company keeping up with the times, but also as a manufacturer who respects and listens to the construction industry’s needs. We never second-guess our investment in BIMobject, as we’ve gained new communication channels that connect us with strategic partners. It’s had a real impact on the FAKRO’s development,” concludes Solwska. 


Want to be like FAKRO and try your hand at BIM? Let's explore your possibilities.

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