Understand your reach and improve your ranking

Let granular data and relevant insights inform your marketing and sales decisions. Drill down on the performance of each product to find interesting trends. And get an overview of the numbers that matters most to your business. BIMobject Analyse enables you to:

  • See how you rank compared to competitors
  • View your current potential reach on BIMobject
  • Keep track of your audience size

Analyse your performance and decide what action to take to improve your performance and extend your reach.

Audience insights & analytics

For a digital business, data is key. But capturing data only becomes valuable if you can break it down into insights and take action. BIMobject brings you a set of tools to help you gain these insights.

Understand how each of your products or product families perform. Filter your data based on geography, occupation of your audience and much more.

Dig deeper to understand who's in your audience, where they work and how they interact with you.

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