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How BIM enables growth for furniture manufacturers

BIM is moving from avant-garde to mainstream. But how can the methodology improve a manufacturer’s brand reach, audience understanding and business growth? Let’s get the answers from Jesper Møllgaard Jensen, Owner of Icons of Denmark.

How BIM enables growth for furniture manufacturers

“Being on the BIMobject platform provides immense value for Icons of Denmark. Not only does it increase our exposure and overall digital offering for our audience, but it also aids our own understanding of the market, and what customers are truly seeking.”


Icons of Denmark: a furniture manufacturer with a user-driven approach

Icons of Denmark is a manufacturer of office furniture that combines the Danish design philosophy with the ever-changing needs of the modern workplace.

With the purpose to “enrich peoples’ lives at work”, Icons of Denmark creates furniture that’s inviting, functional and builds an emotional connection with its users. The company’s owner, Jesper Møllgaard Jensen, explains:

“Everything we create is made to support the activities and behaviours of modern work. This means we put the people who use our products at the centre of our design process. This approach has enabled us to create a unique collection that adapts to changing needs and experiences, while continually inspiring its users.”


Furniture made for the modern work environment

With usability at the core of their business, Icons of Denmark create furniture made to meet the need for flexibility in the modern workspace. Case in point: the EC1 sofa and the Crossover chair.

The EC1 sofa can convert from a team lounge setting and accommodate periods of sitting with a laptop supported by power integrations, to completely reconfiguring the modules to support a town hall-style setting.

Furniture made for the modern work environment

The Crossover chair, which with its ergonomic design, combines the style of a conference chair with the functionality of a task chair.

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There’s no doubt that Icons of Denmark designs its products with the end-user in mind. But how do they meet designers to increase the probability their products are specified, purchased and used? The answer lies in BIM.

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