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How to navigate the new digital landscape

It’s 2021 and trade shows are still on hiatus. How can you adapt to the new digital landscape to reach architects, create business opportunities and sell building products? Get the answers in “Trade shows are cancelled” part 2.

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Part two hones in on the potential of digitalisation, and explores pressing questions such as:

- How is COVID-19 affecting the construction industry?
- Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO): a behavioural shift?
- How can you adapt and get ROI in a fast-moving digital world?
- Why can digitalisation improve our industry and society for the better?

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BIMobject trade shows

Report part 1: How to reach architects without trade shows

COVID-19 changed everything and the world has leapfrogged into the digital space to create the new normal. What does this mean for you?

Get insights from 2,568 architects and engineers in Trade shows are cancelled: How to reach architects without trade shows.

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Tradeshows are cancelled