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How BIM leverages loyalty for manufacturers

How can Building Information Modeling (BIM) become a loyalty-leveraging tool for manufacturers? We had a chat with Elena Broncano, Architect and International Specifications Manager at Bandalux, about how BIM elevates their operations, reach, and specification rate.

How BIM leverages loyalty for manufacturers

“It’s critical that we adapt our offering to the latest tools”

With more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing technical curtains and blinds, Bandalux is synonymous with experience, quality, and good service within the field of solar management. Explore Bandalux's products here.

Bandalux is devoted to continuous innovation, quality, sustainability, and top-notch service. As such, the company always keeps a keen ear to the ground to listen for market trends and act on architect needs. Elena Broncano, Architect and International Specifications Manager at Bandalux, explains:

"We aim to be the professional reference point within design and construction. It's critical that we adapt our offering to the latest tools to facilitate the work of architects, builders, and interior designers.”

“It’s critical that we adapt our offering to the latest tools”


How BIM objects support and satisfy architect needs

One of Bandalux’s maxims is to work closely with professionals by advising and supporting them throughout the different stages of a project. This form of continuous contact and engagement allows them to adapt their products to the specific needs that may arise down the road.

But how does all of this correlate with BIM? Their attentive approach made them realize that BIM isn’t a passing fad – it’s here to stay. So, they decided to develop BIM objects in both Revit and Archicad to support the largest number of professionals possible.

“Digitizing our product range is an additional step in our support strategy. Our goal is to be an industry thought leader, add valuable tools, and generate long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and professionalism,” explains Broncano.


BIM: Promoting products and pushing sustainability

Bandalux products promote comfort, health, and the general well-being of the end-users. But the manufacturer also aims to support another noble cause: pushing architects towards selecting energy-efficient solutions in building projects.

BIM: Promoting products and pushing sustainability

Download BIM objects from Bandalux's rich assortment of curtains and blinds.


How can manufacturers help support sustainability in construction? You can dig into the details here, but BIM gives architects, engineers, contractors, and owners/operators (AECOs) the information they need to build smarter, better, and greener. However, they are dependant on BIM objects to populate their BIM projects. And that’s where manufacturers enter the main stage.

> From BIM objects to specifications: find out how it works.

Bandalux has taken great strides in developing high-quality BIM objects by involving all tiers and teams: product, R&D, architects, sales, and specifiers. Their products are available in Revit and Archicad and can be used from an early design stage. In addition, the parameters can evolve throughout the different stages of the construction project.

“Our goal is to offer the user a digital, agile, and reliable product. The product families are designed to evolve with the project. Architects and designers can add a high level of definition and obtain measurements and information about the product dimensions,” says Broncano and continues:

“Our BIM objects include the necessary options for requesting a quote and for future production. Our materials library makes it possible to render and perform energy simulations."


Manufacturers must meet the new BIM standards

Apart from facilitating a sustainable and intelligent way of building, BIM also helps AECOs foresee and mitigate errors in the design phase that may result in unnecessary waste and cost overruns.

As an architect, Broncano is aware of the emerging revolution and that Bandalux must respond to the needs of thousands of professionals:

“Once you integrate BIM into your daily operations, there’s no going back. It improves quality, project management, and reliability. As manufacturers who supply products for building projects, it’s evident that we must work proactively to meet the new, and rather high, standards in our industry.”


How BIM builds loyalty

For Bandalux, going BIM isn’t only about supplying architects, designers, and interior designers with BIM objects for projects. It’s also about providing a great experience by ensuring that their products are easily and intelligently implemented in projects. This approach allows Bandalux to create a strong bond with professionals and generate loyalty from the design phase – and throughout. Broncano elaborates:

"By offering architects high-quality objects, we increase the probability that our products are installed in building projects."


“BIMobject is a new communication channel”

Creating BIM objects is one massive step. But turning them from idle to active is a whole new ball game. To get their object into the right hands, Bandalux joined the BIMobject marketplace.

“BIMobject is a new communication channel”

The BIMobject marketplace has proven particularly valuable when COVID-19 put trade shows and any form of face-to-face interactions on hiatus. By getting on the BIMobject digital marketplace, Bandalux ensures that their products are available for millions of users to download at any time.

“BIMobject enables architects to work with greater agility by giving them free access to objects from a wide variety of manufacturers. It’s a new communication channel that also brings real value for manufacturers and users in their daily work," says Broncano and concludes:

“Thanks to BIMobject, we can reach more architects and interior designers who are looking for inspiration, technical or practical product information, and objects for their designs. Having access to our product range and the ability to add the objects into their projects is a great advantage for us."


Want to be like Bandalux? Book a demo to find out how BIMobject can help you reach your goals.

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