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Designer, meet brand. is a global marketplace for the construction industry.

We provide design inspiration and digital product information to the world's architects and engineers while giving building product manufacturers a better way to reach, influence, and understand them.

Be at the heart of digital building design.

With, we're helping architects and engineers build faster, smarter, and greener.

Will you be part of their next design?

building product brands*

100 of 100
top architect firms are users

31 million
files downloaded annually

The download is the new lead.

Forget about badge scans and form completes. In the era of digital building design, the download is the new lead.

When a designer downloads your BIM files, you know you are a part of their project. And according to, 80% of specifications are based on the design.

What designers say.

It lets me save time modeling, which is very important in large-scale projects”
Francesca Bocchio
Francesca Bocchio
Helps me find products from many different vendors and compare them on one platform
 Livia Geusa
Livia Geusa
Architect & BIM coordinator
Allows me to save a lot of time and also to manage all the projects in a precise way.
Chiara Marzi
Chiara Marzi

Be relevant. Measurable. Sustainable.

Tradeshows, magazine ads, free lunches. Is your marketing mix keeping up with the times?

Reach a world of designers from a single platform. Promote your products at the moment of design. Track your success in a dashboard. Without wasting jet fuel, trees, or your time.

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