Ratings and Reviews

Harvest the knowledge of millions of architects; Hear what the industry say about your BIM objects.

Ratings and Reviews allow our 3+ million professional AEC users to advocate for your BIM objects, share feedback and make informed decisions based on peer evaluations.



Make architects your brand ambassadors

Unlock the potential for architects to incorporate your BIM objects into their projects, and watch them become your most influential advocates. 

When architects express their positive experiences, it sets off a ripple effect that enhances the brand's image and reputation. This, in turn, becomes a valuable competitive advantage, effectively distinguishing the manufacturer from others in the industry. 

Understand architects' needs

Ratings and reviews offer valuable insights into the needs and preferences of architects. 

By analyzing the feedback provided, patterns and trends, you can gain a deep understanding of what architects are looking for. Feedback serves as a valuable resource for shaping future strategies and crafting tailored solutions to meet architects' needs. 

Build trust and rank on quality

By embracing transparency and active engagement, you as a manufacturers establish yourself as a reliable partner, showcasing the ability to deliver products and services of the highest quality. 

Providing informative responses on product reviews, will demonstrate your expertise, build trust and reinforce your commitment to better customer satisfaction. 

Our aim with Ratings and Reviews is to foster a collaborative community, towards our long term goal to bring manufacturers and architects, engineers and designers closer to each other. 
Johan Dyrssen
Johan Dyrssen
VP Product, BIMobject

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FAQ on Ratings and Reviews

Professional AEC users can now rate and review objects they download from the BIMobject Marketplace, enhancing their ability to provide valuable feedback on the quality and usability of the objects.

This new feature allows users to make informed decisions based on peer evaluations, fostering a collaborative community and driving continuous improvement.

We ask users to rate BIM objects post-download. All these answers become a great dataset showing insights into how happy users on the platform are with the content they download.

We always knew our customers had great BIM content on the marketplace; the ratings are an additional qualitative data point we share with our customers and other users across the platform.

We believe that having insights into what architects and engineers think is of great value to our customers. We also believe it will ensure that the marketplace stays a go-to place where specifiers come to find world-class manufacturer BIM content.

Logged in users of the Marketplace will be able to rate and review your product after downloading the BIM object. They are Architects, Engineers, Designers and Students.

Ratings and reviews are displayed on the product page. Eventually, it will also be displayed on the research pages. 

Everyone visiting the BIMobject marketplace and clicking on your products pages will be able to see their ratings and reviews. 

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