The journey of a BIM object

Want insider insights on how architects put BIM objects to use? In that case: you’re in the right place. Spend 22 minutes with Ben to move from concept to contextual BIM practice.

How BIM opens doors to new opportunities

Building information modeling (BIM) is becoming common practice for professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction. But while the concept might be clear, do you know how BIM objects are used…

… by architects in BIM software;
... to build up the models;
... or as a part of the project process?

Join Ben O'Donnell, architect, and BIMobject co-founder, as he takes you on a journey from downloaded BIM objects to 3D visualization of a building. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to learn how architects make use of BIM objects in their everyday professional lives.

Ben O'Donnell, Architect, and co-founder of BIMobject.

22 minutes (so little time spent – so much knowledge gained)

Understand how specifiers work with your products

Want to develop products that sell? Increase your sales and crush your quota? Or maybe fine-tune your messaging in your outreach programs?

Well, we all do. But a compelling conversation can’t be held if you’re speaking different languages. This webinar puts you on the same(-ish) wavelength as BIM-proficient architecture, engineering, and construction professionals.

Take 22 minutes out of your day to:  

  • gain a high-level understanding of BIM;
  • understand how you, as a manufacturer, can take part in the BIM process;
  • see how a BIM object is downloaded and used in a real-life BIM model;
  • learn how you fit into the building stages.

Who's Ben?

Ben O´Donnell is an experienced architect and co-founder of BIMobject. As an architect, he's been involved in many types of projects, from residential housing to commercial buildings, hospitals, and schools, as well as maritime architecture.

With almost 30 years of experience in architecture, Ben has garnered extensive knowledge of CAD, BIM, and 3D visualization software. His resumé includes industry giants such as Autodesk and Graphisoft.

Fast forward to today, and Ben is BIMobject's Content Quality Director – an area he knows is paramount to project success and critical to maintaining on bimobject.com: BIMobject's ever-growing marketplace for BIM objects.

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