E-book series covering: 

Strategies to thrive in the digital era of construction 

The construction industry is expected to grow significantly, but to meet this demand effectively, we need to leave behind outdated building practices. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the key to this transformation, revolutionizing how we plan, design, and execute projects. 

BIM adoption is reshaping construction winning over late majority architects in developed countries. This shift has lead to online product discovery. AEC professionals are now relying on BIM libraries to source project-specific objects. Manufacturers seeking early project specification should offer product information as BIM objects, ensuring visibility on platforms like BIMobject.com, where AEC decisions are made. 

Part 1. 2023 Industry Trends and Market Analysis 

Part 2. BIM-ready manufacturers: making product information available for construction projects.


Part 1:  2023 Industry trends and market analysis. 

  • Explore the new way of working in construction 
  • Navigate through the journey of BIM adoption as a construction industry standard
  • Discover how architects and engineers (AECOs) find products in the modern age 


Part 2: BIM-ready manufacturers: making product information available for construction projects.

  • Explore the importance of being available where AECs seek it. Position your product information where architecture, engineering, and construction professionals commonly look for it.
  • Online BIM libraries: the source for meeting AECs 
  • Compliance with sustainable standards

Ready to get your BIM objects into projects?

Stay on top of competitors, meet digital demands, and connect directly with specifiers by publishing your BIM objects on the leading marketplace for building product information.

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