BIM transforms the game plan for building product manufacturers

Offering ready-to-use, easy-to-access BIM objects is essential for building product manufacturers who wish to be considered for construction projects today and in the future. With more than 50% of AEC professionals utilizing BIM in their work, construction has passed a tipping point where this is not just another trend but a necessity.

Can you really skip going digital?

As the construction industry embraces BIM and digital modeling, manufacturers like you can guarantee success by providing product information in a format that seamlessly integrates with these digital models.

Architects today approach product discovery by searching and comparing BIM objects from specific brands in online databases. If an architect downloads your BIM object and places it in their building model, your product will be presented as an option to other project stakeholders - eventually in the running of being specified and included in the real building.

In essence, building product manufacturers who go digital and adapt to construction's new reality are in a favorable position to harvest unique business opportunities before their more hesitant competitors.

Get your BIM knowledge bundle

Download our bundle with the most demanded assets for building product manufacturers, covering the essentials to get you up to speed:

  • State of the construction industry, BIM adoption, and future outlooks
  • Opportunities for building product manufacturers
  • What is a BIM object, and how to get yours

Eager to start your BIM journey but not sure what the best plan is for you and your business?

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