BIMobject Product Launch Q4 2022

Analyze and improve your performance on BIMobject

At BIMobject we understand that as a manufacturer you want to know that your actions impact the results you’re getting from your investment in BIM content. This quarter we are taking a huge step in making it easier than ever to: 

  • See audience engagement.
  • Influence your performance through actions.
  • Empower and involve your team.

We are introducing a new, smart and easy to use Analyze. Filled to the brim with ways to track your performance, see the effects of you actions and involve your team.

Get to know the BIMobject marketplace



Showcase your solutions to specifiers globally

At BIMobject, we are bringing building product manufacturers ways to promote products and solutions to specifiers visiting the BIMobject marketplace. In this video, we present new ways of promoting your products and connecting with your target audience.

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Hello BIMobject for business

In this webinar, we will walk you through the latest downloading trends on and share how you make the most out of your product pages on, options to improve the ranking for your products and nurture your audience.

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