Webinar Invitation

Sales and Sustainability:
LCAs / EPDs for Building Product Manufacturers

  • March 26th, 11am
  • Zoom
  • Free, open to anyone

Your clients need to know how your products impact the environment. Sustainability reporting puts significant pressure on property owners and construction companies, increasing the need for Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to be provided by building product manufacturers. But many lag behind, and a majority of manufacturers need to catch up with the need from the construction industry.

In this webinar Nicklas Gerhardsson (COO Industry) and Carsten Svensson (Head of Market Development) will guide you through:


  • Why you need LCAs and/or EPDs
  • What it is and how it’s done
  • How you can use them in your market and sales operations
Nicklas Gerhardsson

Nicklas Gerhardsson

COO Industry
Carsten Svensson

Carsten Svensson

Head of Market Development

Who is Carbonzero? 

CarbonZero is a greentech company, with solid experience in sustainability services for actors in the construction sector. Together with BIMobject, we support the digital and green transformation of the building industry, by providing the technology and data needed to enable better decisions throughout the building process.

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