8 questions every manufacturer asks about BIM

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8 questions every manufacturer asks about BIM

Date: 8 November 2022 | Time: 14:00 CET | Duration: 45 min.

Who is this webinar for?
This online seminar is for building product manufacturers of any product category. If you are a manufacturer considering digitalisation, moving to BIM technology, or don't know how to use BIM object libraries - this meeting is for you!


  • What is BIM?
  • What is the difference between 3D and BIM?
  • What information does a BIM object include?
  • Why is BIM important?
  • Does the manufacturer need BIM now?
  • Can BIM objects be used in any software?
  • What do we need to create a BIM object?
  • What are the benefits of having BIM objects?


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