How BIM objects enable digital roll-out for sustainable flooring systems

Many marketers struggle to make BIM a natural part of their digital strategy. So, we had the pleasure to chat with Jessica Lépinasse, Marketing and Communication Manager at O2D ENVIRONNEMENT, to get her thoughts on BIM, performance analysis, and getting products in design.

Jessica Lépinasse

Jessica Lépinasse, Marketing and Communication Manager at O2D ENVIRONNEMENT, is no stranger to digitization tools and digitalization:

“Attracted by digital technology, I develop and optimize these tools within our structure. I am aware of the advantages of carrying out targeted digital communication with specifiers and project leaders by developing and making tools available.”

But the manufacturer needed to provide specifiers and business owners with digital tools to facilitate their day-to-day work by offering online access to all technical documentation. And choice fell on BIMobject:

“We chose the BIMobject platform in view of the exchanges with the sales and technical department at BIMobject. The intuitive ergonomics of the platform won over O2D ENVIRONNEMENT, and its features presented a more accomplished marketing approach.”


O2D ENVIRONNEMENT: conserving natural soil functions

O2D ENVIRONNEMENT is a French company that develops permeable flooring solutions. Based on an eco-material "TTE® Slab" product made from recycled plastic, the O2D® solutions offer significant technical performance – particularly in terms of load-bearing capacity and load distribution.

With sustainability at the core of their business, O2D ENVIRONNEMENT designs solutions that facilitate the natural infiltration of rainwater for more sustainable management of water resources and soils. Jessica Lépinasse explains:

“Our carriageway surfacing systems can be incorporated into eco-design projects, promoting the natural infiltration of rainwater and the greening of spaces. Developed on the basis of the TTE® concept, our solutions combine technical performance, landscape integration, and environmental benefits.”

Offering durable solutions, including mineral soil systems and vegetated and organic soil systems, the flooring system can be used in trafficable areas such as permeable car parks, access roads for light vehicles, fire brigades, and car parks, but also other types of facilities such as pedestrian walkways, schoolyards, and public squares.

O2D BIMobject

To top it off, the O2D® solutions are "open" soil systems that restore natural functions and encourage the development of biodiversity and micro-organisms. Their thermal behavior makes it possible to combat the formation of urban heat islands. In technical terms, the structure of the slab protects the grass and its root structure within the alveolus.


“BIM is becoming increasingly important in the sector”

BIM and O2D ENVIRONNEMENT have one thing in common: enabling greener and smarter ways to construct buildings and spaces.

Short for Building Information Modeling, BIM is a digital 3D representation that contains information about a building’s physical and functional properties.

BIM has been around for decades, making it easier to build smarter, faster, and greener. Yet, existence doesn’t necessarily translate into widespread adoption.

But the urgent need for sustainable construction and efficiency has propelled the adoption rate and level of awareness. Some nations have even made the building process mandatory. So, O2D ENVIRONNEMENT wasn't slow to follow the adoption curve:

“We have been following developments in BIM for years. Over the last two years, we have noticed that the market is becoming more receptive and that the working method is becoming increasingly important in the sector. We have taken a step towards BIM and asked BIMobject to publish our products.”


Meeting market needs: BIM in Revit and ARCHICAD

O2D ENVIRONNEMENT decided to get BIM and get on the digital marketplace But they needed to create the actual objects, or “digital twins.” Jessica explains that it was a collaborative process between the company and BIMobject:

“We’ve worked on them internally and together with the professionals at BIMobject because we wanted to offer 100% modular systems where designers are free to use our systems according to their needs and their projects.”

Having BIM objects created is one thing, but adapting the files to meet the market’s software requirements is critical to get files downloaded – and getting specified in designs. Jessica Lépinasse explains:

“We chose to make our entire range of systems available in the two most widely used file formats in France: ARCHICAD and Revit.”

Meeting market needs: BIM in Revit and ARCHICAD


BIM: saving designers’ time

One of BIM’s core strengths is that it offers a holistic and collaborative project overview with efficient workflows.

Unlike CAD, BIM is a model-based process that goes beyond a building’s physical appearance – including data about every component that goes into a project. The information can be used, shared, and exchanged with a wider supply chain and project team. Speeding up the construction process, avoiding errors and unnecessary waste. Jessica adds:

“The design of a building is conceived and conducted as a whole. We want to save designers’ time by offering them the possibility of using pre-designed layouts, but also to secure the specifications by integrating foundation recommendations, including composition, bearing capacity, and permeability. The exterior design solutions proposed by O2D ENVIRONNEMENT fit perfectly with the designer's model.”


From BIM object planning to downloads and performance analysis

How did the process go? And what marketing and business benefits does the BIMobject marketplace bring? The Marketing and Communications Manager answers:

“BIMobject was able to identify our needs and accompany us in the development of our BIM objects. Within the first six months of publication, our products generated numerous downloads.”

As a devout digital marketing maven, Jessica doesn’t underestimate the importance of being able to analyze BIM object performance:

“The BIMobject platform offers us a way to track and analyze product downloads, which enables us to contact those interested in our products.”


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