Planners and industrial users benefit from BIMobject – as well as Condair's marketing and sales departments.

The Condair Group, a Swiss-based global company, utilizes the BIMobject platform in a multitasking approach. This is a win-win situation for both Condair and its customers.

The Condair Group is the world's leading manufacturers of humidification, dehumidification, and evaporative cooling systems. Based on scientific research, the company develops individual, holistic solutions for the entire life cycle of buildings. With products that ensure optimal humidity, the company from Pfäffikon increases the productivity of its industrial customers and ensures a healthier indoor climate.

The starting point:

It may not be widely known, but the right level of humidity in the air is crucial in many areas of daily life, both in the business environment and in private homes. The importance of humidity is such that in many countries there are clear guidelines for the operation and maintenance of humidification systems. The scientifically proven and recommended range of 40 to 60 percent relative humidity protects health and promotes well-being. However, these clear limits are not always easy to maintain in everyday life. That is why the Pfäffikon-based manufacturer offers a comprehensive range of different humidification systems.

Examples of customers of the Condair Group who require professional air humidification are universities, hospitals and private households but also manufacturing and research companies that require humidification for a wide variety of processes:

"We are noticing a strong increase in demand for our products in all industries and facilities," says Werner Adler, Head of Marketing, Western Europe.


Many processes have imposed minimum and maximum values for humidity. If these are no longer guaranteed, operation may have to be interrupted.

In addition, the company, which was founded in 1948, continues to win new customers, especially in the planner target group. "As far as planning is concerned, it has to become increasingly detailed and precise. New requirements are constantly being added, so planning offices need to improve their efficiency. This often leads to the usage of a platform such as BIMobject," says Werner Adler.

This also applies to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning companies, as well as engineers and other planning offices: Wherever building technology is installed, Condair products are more in demand than ever. Pharmaceutical manufacturers also choose Condair - whether for storage or production.

Last but not least, the technology manufacturer with production sites in Europe, North America and China also tended towards BIMobject out of "self-interest", according to Werner Adler: "We also want to gain knowledge from the statistical data that BIMobject provides us with. Discovering new customer groups that are not yet familiar with Condair products is important to us. Using the BIMobject platform and its enormous popularity, we are able to reach these groups."

The Result:

"If you want to differentiate from other manufacturers, then this goes far beyond the product today. With BIMobject we have come a great deal closer to this goal", says Werner Adler with satisfaction. In his view, BIM models which are available today will soon be as commonplace as operating manuals. Werner Adler is certain that the widespread use of BIMobject will also contribute to Condair's brand awareness. "This is invaluable, especially for new customers who had not previously thought of us," says Werner Adler.


The feedback from the users has been very gratifying. "We get positive feedback - the planners increase their productivity with BIMobject." says Werner Adler.

BIMobject is also having a very noticeable business impact at Condair in other ways: "Since we have been working with BIMobject, we have participated in significantly more tenders," says Werner Adler happily. According to the marketing expert, this is due to BIMobject's high level of technological diversity. The data provided by BIMobject to the Condair Group is groundbreaking.

"By looking at the number of downloads, we can see exactly which of our products are in demand in which countries. This is immensely helpful for us.”

The Condair Group also relies heavily on its social media engagement, especially on LinkedIn, and states that it benefits greatly from promoting its presence on BIMobject there.

Werner Adler expects increased demand from the cooperation with BIMobject in several areas – and also anticipates further growth in this regard: "It makes no difference whether it is the user's desire for even more configuration options, updates of older models or new 3D models. We see BIMobject's business potential and expect further growth in all our target groups".

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