Behind the download: Livia Geusa

Livia Geusa, BIM coordinator & senior architect.

Who is Livia Geusa?

I have been working as an architect since 2012. I have worked for five years for an engineering company that gave me the chance to work abroad for a long time, especially in Oman and Qatar. I started working in BIM with the new project of the Doha Metro project in Qatar.

Three years ago I started working as BIM Coordinator and Senior Architect for Studio Costa Architecture. Here I have further implemented my skills using Revit for interior design projects. Studio Costa Architecture is a design studio based in Rome, Dubai, and Riyadh which develops architecture projects on different scales, from masterplan to architecture and interior design.

In recent years I've worked as a BIM Coordinator for complex interior design, both for accommodation and luxury residential facilities in the Middle East. We have managed to perfectly implement BIM technology thanks to these projects, starting from the early creative processes to the executive and technical processes.

Who is Livia Geusa?


Why did you join

I work with Revit for interior design projects, from the concept phase to construction. For this reason, it’s extremely useful that contains furnishing models that are always updated, which correspond to the models published in the catalogs of the most important and international brands. In this way, our team is able to quickly deliver a realistic project to the final customer, with plausible measures and realistic pictures.

Why did you join


How do you use the site?

Often I have to manage interior design projects that are extremely big and complex. is very useful because it allows our team to find 3D Revit families that we always need to use, such as furnishings and sanitary and lighting elements. Furthermore, we need to find files compatible with other design software.

The interior design workflow includes the use of different software, depending on the design phase and the representation intent. Studio Costa Architecture has to deal with the design phase but also with the visual phase: for this reason, it is useful to find real furnishing models that are always updated. We can use these models, enriched with textures and materials, in our renderings and show them to our customers. allows me to work very quickly because it contains many products from many brands you only have to look at one platform. You can make a quick summary of the companies and compare them to analyze their different characteristics. Furthermore, it allows me to save my preferred items so that I can save more time during the research process.

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