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What we do.

Building a better world.

We know those are big words. But it's not every company that's in a position to change how construction works and solve a massive climate challenge at the same time.

Every day, architects and engineers over the world use to design new buildings. We provide them with information and inspiration, so they can design faster, smarter, and greener.

And that means the world to us. Construction is not just a massive industry, providing jobs and spaces to live for all of us - it's also the world's largest source of CO2 emissions. With digitalization, we can create buildings that are beautiful, smart, and sustainable - the way our world should be.

Why BIM matters.

BIM - Building Information Modelling - is a revolution in how buildings are designed, constructed, and maintained. It replaces drawings and binders with digital 3D models of buildings and their components. Think Lego, Minecraft, or The Sims, but with real buildings. BIM objects are digital twins of physical products.

BIM means architects, engineers, builders, and owners can all make smarter decisions - build smarter, reduce waste, make sustainable choices - and leverage breakthrough tech like AI and AR/VR in new ways to support them.

BIMobject is the world's source for BIM objects - a marketplace with thousands of manufacturers and millions of users to power digital building design.




Manager, Frontend Development

Pétur Hjartarson

The freedom to find your own way.

I really appreciate the unpretentious environment we have here at BIMobject, where we, as a team, set up our own ways of working.

We’re here to help each other without taking mistakes personally, and we celebrate achievements together. I also really like the encouragement to learn with initiatives such as lunch-and-learns, seminars, and the ability to set aside time to learn something new exciting, and interesting.

Regional Marketing & Office Manager for the DACH Market.

Lien Fauser

There is never a dull moment in marketing

I love working in an international company where many different cultures come together with the goal of making the world a little better. We also have very fun colleagues and good coffee.

The best part of my job is that there is never a dull moment with us in marketing. New projects come in all the time, and you can be very creative.

Our core values.

We take action and break new ground.

We take action and break new ground.

Ideas are great, but taking action is essential. Do it, own it, and learn from it.

We make decisions based on data.

We make decisions based on data.

We build, measure, and learn to focus our energy and time on what really makes a difference.

We embrace diversity.

We embrace diversity.

We approach diversity with respect, curiosity, and tolerance. We are strong not in spite of our differences but because of them.

We love our only planet.

We love our only planet.

There are many measures of progress along the journey, but sustainability is the ultimate measure of success.

Our locations

Malmö, Sweden

BIMobject was founded in Malmö, in the south of Sweden and just across the bridge from Copenhagen. Our headquarters are in the STUDIO tower, overlooking the harbor entrance.

Functions: Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Product Management, Software Engineering, Finance, and Management.

Our locations

Munich, Germany

Home of our Central European sales and marketing team, covering the DACH region, France, and the Netherlands.
Functions: Marketing and Sales.

Our locations

Madrid, Spain

Home of our Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American sales and marketing team.
Functions: Marketing and Sales.

Our locations

Milan, Italy

Home of our Italian and MEA sales team.

Functions: Marketing and Sales

Our locations

Gliwice, Poland

Home of our Eastern European sales & marketing team. Also hosts part of our Content Development team, developing BIM objects for manufacturers.

Functions: Marketing, Sales, and Content Development.

Our locations

Budapest, Hungary

Product development and platform operations, plus the other half of our Content Development team, developing BIM objects for manufacturers.

Functions: Software Engineering, and Content Development

Our locations

North America

Home of our distributed North American sales and marketing team.
Functions: Marketing and Sales.

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