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Building product marketing in the "new normal"

Trade shows are canceled. The world has leapfrogged into a "new normal" where digitalization is everywhere. What does it mean for you?

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How to reach architects without trade shows.

Trade shows are canceled all over the world. From “Cake International” in London to the ‘World Dog Show” in Madrid to “BAU’ in Munich. We have all been affected, being unable to meet with customers and future customers alike, regardless of whether you’re shopping for cakes, dog collars, or construction materials. But life must go on and so does business. The world has leapfrogged into the digital space to create the “new normal”.

The new normal

Many people think everything will “go back to normal” when the pandemic ends, but the new normal might be quite a bit different from the time before COVID-19. There are shifts in technology and behavior that are changing how our industry operates. In this paper, we will explore this evolution, using industry sources and our own survey of 2,568 architects, engineers, and construction owner/ operators (AECO) to illustrate what is happening and how it affects you and your business.

How to navigate the new digital landscape

The positive side effect of the pandemic is the boost in digitalization. Innovative solutions give us new ways to help our customers and run our businesses.

But how can, should, and must we adapt?

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