NEW: 2024 edition

The global guide to BIM mandates and initiatives

Find out what government mandates mean for getting your products specified in 2024.

BIM mandates and initiatives 2024

Master the mandates

BIM is becoming a legal requirement internationally, moving beyond a mere trend. If you want to get specified in your operational market or expand into new ones, you’ll want to get this low-down on Governmental BIM mandates. 

The global guide to BIM mandates and initiatives gives you insights into: 

  • The current state of BIM mandates
  • Global adoption of BIM 
  • Why governments are mandating BIM
  • What it means for manufacturers
  • Why BIM builds specifier relations and wins deals
  • How to meet the rising demand for BIM

Why BIM mandates matter for manufacturers

Improved speed, safety, and sustainability: the BIM benefits form such a strong argument that governments can’t afford to ignore it.

BIM mandates accelerate adoption, change product selection processes and ramp up manufacturer expectations.

But how can manufacturers meet the emerging demand? Get the answer – and much more – in this FREE global guide to BIM mandates and initiatives.

BIM mandates from Europe to Asia

This global guide covers all corners of the world and includes cases from every continent. Let’s list them:

  • Northern Europe: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway
  • Western Europe: UK, Netherlands, and France
  • Central and Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic and Germany
  • Southern Europe: Spain and Italy
  • North America: USA and Mexico
  • South America: Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia 
  • Asia: Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand
  • Australasia: Australia and New Zealand
  • Africa: Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Nigeria

Adoption of BIM mandates in every continent

The 2024 edition of our global guide to BIM mandates includes a general overview of the current adoption state of BIM mandates in every continent around the globe. 

BIM mandates are increasing rapidly, and manufacturers need to be ready to meet the surge in demand. Get all the relevant information in this free-of-charge global guide to BIM mandates. 

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