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Webinar: How to navigate the new digital landscape

It’s 2021. Trade shows are still cancelled.
Architects, engineers and constructors from around the world are getting digital to adapt to COVID-19’s “new normal”. What does this mean for you?

Webinar with Electrolux and Ramboll

"How to navigate the digital landscape" is the second part of a three-part series on how COVID-19 is changing the fabric of our industry.

The one-hour live session with Electrolux and Ramboll was originally held on the 3rd of March 2021, but you can watch the recorded version at any time!

NOTE: The webinar is held in English.

Matthew Jackson, Global Marketing Manager AECO
Josefina Hertzman, Global Marketing Manager BPM
Anders Johansen, European Channel Manager at Electrolux
Ann Forsman Sachs, Senior Consultant at Ramboll

How to navigate the new digital landscape

The positive side effect of the pandemic is the boost in digitalisation. Innovative solutions give us new ways to help our customers and run our businesses.

But how can, should and must we adapt?

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