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Architects see good opportunities if they have all the files in one place like the BIMobject platform – it helps us begin collaborations with them.
Marta Kachniarz
Marta Kachniarz
development and marketing director at Kanlux
“The advantage of BIMobject is that it has strong international coverage and that It’s well known in the market"
Kees van Benschop
Kees van Benschop
international BIM coordinator at Riwal
"BIMobject is clearly on the right track to become the Google of BIM worldwide. We are happy to have been part of the BIMobject platform from the beginning to help it become the global platform for all users in our industry”
Miguel Angel Heras
Miguel Angel Heras
Roca’s Head of Marketing and Communications

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6 steps to getting products specified

15 December 2021

Specifications are the golden goose for business in construction. But how can manufacturers increase the likelihood of getting specified? Get 6 tips in this blog!

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