February 03, 2021 • 5 minutes

How BIM boosts Zagas’ brand and product awareness

How can BIM help manufacturers reach new markets and boost business growth? We had a chat with Albano Silva, CEO at Zagas, to talk about digitalisation, meeting client needs and how they landed 12,000 product downloads in less than 30 days.

Albano Silva CEO of Zagas

“Manufacturers must be proactive. Digital tools will improve - if not replace - how we conduct business, build awareness and get a return on investment.”
Albano Silva, CEO at Zagas.


Zagas is challenging the very fabric of the furniture industry

Founded in 1948, Zagas is a prolific Portuguese manufacturer specialised in solid wood furniture made out of French oak, European cherry and walnut.

Beautiful wooden furniture by manufacturer Zagas

The founding father, Gonzaga Barros da Silva, set up shop with a passion for transforming wood into art and a mission to challenge the furniture industry. 70 years later, the family company is still keeping to its challenger roots by making sustainability their main objective for 2020 – and on.

With innovation in their DNA, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the furniture manufacturer decided to get digital by joining the BIMobject marketplace.


“BIMobject enables us to reach designers and influence their decisions”

BIMobject offers a marketplace where manufacturers can upload (and analyse) BIM objects that architects and designers can download and use in their projects. But how and why did Zagas choose BIMobject to market their BIM objects? Silva explains: 

“We chose to get on the BIMobject marketplace because it’s well-known on the market. The platform gives us the ability to reach designers and influence their decisions to close deals.”

He also adds that their partner, APIMA (Portuguese association of furniture and related industries manufacturers), played a part in influencing their decision as the association advocates BIM and BIMobject in Portugal.


A BIM investment that generated 12,000 downloads in 30 days

The first step is to get on BIMobject is to create BIM objects, which are digital 3D representations of physical objects that contain parametric information such as size, material, weight and more.

Check out and download Zagas' products on the BIMobject marketplace.

Zagas made their first digital imprint by uploading 10 BIM objects onto the BIMobject marketplace. Their initial investment generated an almost immediate return: 

Within the first 30 days, Zagas’ products were downloaded 12,000 times by designers from all around the world.


A digital decision driven by designer demands – and COVID-19

Digitalisation is sweeping across the globe. But even though the building industry is falling behind, professionals are starting to catch up. Silva explains:

“More and more interior designers and decorators use digital tools to present proposals to their clients. They need platforms, such as BIMobject, to populate interior spaces quickly and smoothly.

Another industry disruptor that led Zagas to make the digital move was COVID-19. Our recent study on how COVID-19 is impacting professionals in the construction industry reveals that digital tools are creeping into the “new normal”. This shift hasn’t passed Silva by:

“COVID-19 accelerated the need for digital tools, as the pandemic radically limited all physical contact and face-to-face product distribution.”

Read, listen and download resources on how COVID-19 is changing our industry.


"BIM boosts our level of brand visibility and awareness”

By offering their products in a BIM format, Zagas manages to kill two birds with one stone: meeting designer demands and increasing their brand awareness. Silva explains:  

“BIM boosts our level of brand visibility and awareness towards potential clients and users of our products – without border barriers.”

Opening doors to new clients and markets

Within the first day of publishing their BIM objects, Zagas rose to the top and became one of the most popular products on the BIMobject marketplace. Silva comments:

“This confirms the importance of being present on BIMobject. It offers us the possibility to promote our products, boost our business and get in touch with users. I hope that these numbers indicate increased brand recognition and that our products are meeting designer needs.”

He adds:

“Our vision is that BIMobject will catapult our brand awareness and get us in contact with users from all corners of the world. In turn, this will open new doors to increase our reach and business growth.”


Getting a head start in design projects

Manufacturers need to meet designer, architect and engineer demands to get considered and, ultimately, specified. But we need to drill down and heed clients’ changing needs. 

Governments and private buyers are starting to either crave or premiere BIM for their procurements. Architects and designers are under pressure to get on top of BIM. This presents a prime opportunity for manufacturers to deliver BIM objects and become the smooth partner early on in the design phase. 

“BIM and BIMobject benefit our sector immensely. By offering BIM objects, we can prove that we’re responding to client needs and challenges."

Zagas Claire desk available on BIMobject

“Manufacturers must be proactive with digital tools”

Silva believes that Zagas, and other innovative manufacturers, need to lead by example and influence others by blowing up the winds of change:

“Manufacturers must be proactive. We can’t be at a standstill. Digital tools will improve - if not replace - how we conduct business, build awareness and get a return on investment."


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