January 20, 2021 • 5 minutes

”BIM objects enable us to address a major challenge: reaching designers worldwide.

How can BIM objects enable manufacturers to reach more designers, get more leads and contribute to a smarter construction industry? We had a chat with Emirates Steel, to learn more about their motives behind their decision to get digital and join the BIM revolution.

Emirates Steel is a state-of-the-art integrated steel plant that incorporates the latest innovative technologies in manufacturing, efficiency and sustainability to deliver high-quality products, services and solutions. 

Based in the industrial sector of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Steel's products are shipped and used across the world and are delivered into major global markets for the construction, engineering and energy sectors.


From zero to 1,300 BIM object downloads in 20 days

Emirates steel just launched its digital products. By doing so, they are one of the first companies in the United Arab Emirates to make their products available on BIMobject: the world’s largest BIM marketplace. As for the results? 

Within the first 20 days on the platform, Emirate Steel saw more than 1.300 product downloads.


BIM objects meet designer needs

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been a regional and global hub for design consultants in the construction industry and has witnessed huge growth within recent years.

“Emirates Steel is the largest steel producer in the UAE and supplies steel products across the globe into the USA, Europe and the Far East.

“Structural steel sections and sheet piles, being end-user and designer-driven products, make us engage directly with structural design consultants, contractors, etc. who felt the need for Emirates Steel products to be listed in the BIM platform for better visibility and usage of our products in design and ensure faster job execution. Also, we had requests from a few clients to ensure that our products were available as BIM objects". 

So they met their client's needs and made their products visible and available to download in BIMobject.

An image of Emirate Steels BIM objects on the BIMobject marketplace

The goal: reach designers worldwide

One of our major challenges is to reach out to major designers and structural design consultants across the world and create awareness about Emirates Steel products. These goals can be addressed through BIM objects. 

BIMobject helps us reach out to design consultants worldwide through its platform, without having to contact or get in touch with them individually. We look forward to creating leads & useful contacts through BIMobject”.

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A manufacturer supporting safety and efficiency

"The construction industry is advancing towards digital platforms for faster design execution, reduction of human errors and costs. BIMobject is a platform that can support the design fraternity in all these aspects. By having our product range available on the BIMobject marketplace, we will help professionals in the design stage to ensure
faster and error-free design." 

Emirates steel has been at the forefront of introducing new products and new standards. With the rapidly changing needs of the customers, and the need to improve the cost-efficiency of the construction, we will continue to launch new products to support the industry."

Want to lead the way towards a safer, faster and greener industry? Get on the BIMobject platform today!

Emirates steel first in MENA on bimobject

About Emirates Steel

Emirates Steel products include reinforcement steel bars and coils, wire rods in coils, heavy steel beams & hot rolled sheet piles.

Emirates Steel has the capability to produce all products as per various international standards as required by customers. Rebars are produced as per British and American standards. Wire Rods can be produced as per several international standards.

Heavy sections are produced as per Euronorms, American, British and Australian standards. The capability exists to produce Jumbo sections up to 634kg/m, used in highly specialized load-bearing applications.

Emirates Steel has the unique distinction of being the only producer of sheet piles, in the Middle East. 

Visit Emirate Steel's product page to download their BIM objects.