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Tangled up in outdated BIM content?

Let us untangle that for you!

Your BIM content provides a sweet service for anyone looking for information about your products. At the click of a button, potential customers get a "digital twin" with rich data about all its attributes.

But there's a catch. If your content is outdated or subpar, this service quickly turns into a disservice.

So, what defines good BIM? What are the common pitfalls? And how often should you update the content?

Take a few productive minutes to sit back and listen to BIM experts from across the industry share their experiences and what they are looking for!

Learn from them about:

  • What they look for when judging if content is good or bad
  • The areas often overlooked as time goes by
  • The blueprints on how to make life easier for specifiers
  • The keys to unlock a strategy to keep your files up to date.


  • Don Brockman, General Manager from BIMobject Inc.
  • Armundo Darling, Technical Director from BIMobject Inc.
  • Jackie Doak, BIM Consultant from BIMobject Inc
  • Anglea Doyle, BIM Specialist, Ratio Architects
  • Graeme Ripley, Senior Manager from Global Design System Interface
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