Spears attracts opportunities after responding to customer needs

“We have signed several large deals thanks to BIMobject.”


Spears attracts opportunities after responding to customer needs

Spears Manufacturing Company, Inc produces pipes, fittings and valves, and their decision to “go BIM” was mainly driven by the rising demand for digital data from their clients.

“Our target audience came to us and told us that they needed BIM models. That’s why we came to BIMobject, to be able to provide our customers with the service they need.”

Matthew Baker notes that not only clients, but also distributors appreciate the fact that Spears’ products are now available on bimobject.com.

“BIMobject has really helped us in getting our products out there. It builds brand awareness way beyond the distribution base we had before.”

Spears is continuously expanding their portfolio on the BIMobject platform. They are right now branching out towards emerging markets like fire protection, and plan to focus even more on designers and engineers in the area of construction.

“Our presence at bimobject.com has generated a number of large projects for us; a high school in Kansas valued as a million dollar project, a collegiate laboratory, and a commercial building.”

As far as Matthew is concerned, there really is no turning back - BIM is the future for the industry. He is excited to be a part of the development, and he stresses the importance of embracing the changes to avoid getting left behind.

“We are facing a paradigm shift where fundamental changes are taking place, and BIM is the first step in that. It’s like the former Chrysler executive Lee Iacocca once said: ‘you lead, you follow, or you get out of the way.’"

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