Spacesaver stacks up leads after transitioning to BIMobject

“BIMobject allows us to get in front of nearly 8,000 people a day. In our first year alone we generated over 70 qualified leads.”


Spacesaver stacks up leads after transitioning to BIMobject

Spacesaver—a manufacturer of commercial shelving and storage products in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin—joined BIMobject through Autodesk’s Seek accounts in 2017. And since transitioning to the BIMobject Cloud for its digital infrastructure, they’re able to showcase their products to over 1.5 million architects, engineers, designers, and construction companies worldwide.

The Challenge

Spacesaver realized that there were a lot of platforms out there that can host Autodesk Revit models. However, they wanted to gain as much visibility as possible while having control and traction. According to a representative from Spacesaver:

The BIMobject platform provides us with all of that, including peace of mind with a Single Source of Truth.”

The Solution

Spacesaver has always had a tremendous team of CAD engineers creating models for several alternative platforms, however, in-house Autodesk Revit model capability was limited. By joining, the platform enabled Spacesaver to convert their files into sophisticated Autodesk Revit models that are easy to access and use for the design and construction community. This now makes BIMobject a vital component of Spacesavers' digital infrastructure.

The Results

BIMobject enabled Spacesaver to get in front of nearly 8,000 people a day. In their first year alone, they generated over 70 qualified leads. Now, they not only see BIMobject as a reliable distribution platform, they see them as a partner in their overall success. Ongoing active content creation now directly results in business leads. For the future, Spacesaver is eagerly looking to expand its BIMobjects portfolio. 

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