Behind the download: Francesca Bocchio

Who is Francesca Bocchio?

Who is Francesca Bocchio?

I graduated with honors in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano in 2015.

During my university studies, I started getting very interested in integrated planning. This interest became reality with my working experience for BUILT Srl, a company in project and construction management. I have been working there for four years, which has allowed me to take part in several projects, mainly in retail but also corporate and wellness, in Italy and abroad.

Two years ago we started to increase the use of Revit software, which has now become the main tool for design. Some recent projects include a bank branch in Georgia and the Getfit Village wellness and sports center in Milan, both of which were realized using an integrated design approach and BIM technology.


Why did you join

I use when, given the scale of detail of the project, it is necessary to enrich the architectural modeling with BIM objects, such as technical elements and/ or standard furnishing accessories.


How do you use the site?

I use to download the models of the products I have to put within the Revit project, and the related technical information and specifications items.

The platform is very useful because it provides realistic BIM models that allow you to increase the level of detail of the model, and to deepen details and design aspects that would be otherwise overlooked. Furthermore, the matching of the BIM object with a real product on the market is a plus.

The main benefit that I get from using is saving time in the modeling phase, which is a very important aspect especially when I have to deal with large-scale projects. I find it an extremely intuitive and user-friendly platform.


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