Behind the download: Emanuele Cappetta

Behind the download: Emanuele Cappetta


Who is Emanuele Capetta?

I graduated with honors in 2018 in Architectural Design at the University of Florence. After a while, I started a traineeship in Seville at the Equs Arquitectos studio. Back in Italy, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Building Information Modeling called the "Master BIM Manager", organized by the University of Pisa. During this period, thanks to an internships program. I had the opportunity to get in touch with the cooperative Fabrica, with whom I currently collaborate. We are a close-knit group, able to give multidisciplinary answers thanks to our management of all design phases through innovative technology tools such as BIM.


Why did you join

Mainly for the wide range of useful content when creating a realistic BIM model. I also appreciate the possibility to combine products from multiple brands and the fact that the objects are compatible with several different software platforms.


How do you use the site?

In the early stages of a project, adding the model of a specific product allows me as a professional to understand if the spaces created to match the design idea that I want to communicate.

In the final stages, BIM content with high-quality properties of specific brands lets me provide my clients with richer information.

Having access to already modeled elements lets the designer allocate more time to the design phase of the project.

The ease of downloading and reloading 3D elements in the project is also a plus for a designer in meeting the needs of their customers. Customers often want different solutions and this makes it easy to show in 3D how a space can be configured in different ways, and how a particular product's style can be more or less suitable to what is being requested.


Can BIM drive sustainability?

Yes. Digitalization enables companies and designers to collaborate with zero-impact information exchange and greater transparency in data collection and consultation. There is a climate challenge and everyone has to do their part - even at work.


Want to know more about Emanuele? Find him and Fabrica Lab at

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